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Plaid Cash

Plaid Cash is a prepaid, stored-value/debit account that is accessible via your ID Card.  It is the convenient, cashless way to pay on and off campus. You can use Plaid Cash for textbooks and school supplies. Some of the area's most popular businesses accept Plaid Cash. You can use it to pay for restaurant take-out, delivery and more.


  • Easy - No need to carry cash, checks, ATM and credit cards.
  • Off Campus - Now you can use it off campus at your favorite places.
  • Current - Up-to-date balances available at every terminal or on your receipt after you make a purchase.
  • Automatic - Balances roll over each semester/year.
  • Debt Free - Not a credit card, so when you buy... you own, not owe.
  • Local - Your parents may make deposits knowing you can only spend at places approved by the university, on and off campus.
  • Safe - ID Card lost or stolen? You can lock your card on SIO by clicking on ID+ Card under the Campus Services tab. 

Semester Student Spending

Not sure how much Plaid Cash to add? Here is an estimate of what students may spend at Carnegie Mellon per semester using Plaid Cash:

Textbooks $450
School Supplies $500
Restaurants and Delivery $100
University Apparel $50
Entertainment $50
Total $1,150

 Note: Plaid Cash cannot be used to pay for items appearing on the student's Carnegie Mellon University student account invoice (i.e., tuition).