Carnegie Mellon University

Participate in a Meeting or Class


When you join a meeting as a participant, you're interacting in the meeting, but you aren't in charge of it. You may be a student or a staff member, or collaborating on an assignment or project. Review the content in this section to get up to speed on using Zoom as a participant.

Host a Meeting or Class

When you host a meeting or webinar, you're in charge of the event. This includes managing participants, monitoring chat, setting participant controls and securing the meeting, though many meeting hosts have moderators to assist with these tasks. Read on for more detail on host controls and options.

Schedule a Meeting or Class

Anyone can schedule a meeting for themselves in Zoom. If you are a CMU student, faculty or staff member you have many choices for scheduling your meeting or class. Visit each of the following resources for more information.

Schedule a Meeting or Class for Others


Do you need to schedule Zoom meetings on behalf of someone else? Zoom allows you to assign multiple delegates to your account using the Scheduling Privilege. Assign this privlege to a team member or ask others to make you a delegate. Review our resources on scheduling as a delegate below.