Carnegie Mellon University


All students, faculty and staff have access to a CMU Zoom license with all of the pro Zoom features, such as screen sharing, polling and meeting recording capability, plus unlimited meeting time with up to 300 people.

Optional Features and Tools

  • Integrations - grant easy access to Zoom scheduling within third-party applications. Once the Zoom integration is enabled, customers can easily start impromptu Zoom meetings from within the third-party app, rather than opening the Zoom client.
  • Large Meeting* - includes the same functionality of standard Zoom meetings but with up to 500 participants.
  • Webinar* - option for hosting online events with up to 10,000 viewers which makes this a perfect choice for keynote speeches and panels. 
  • Zoom Room* - a dedicated conference room system with calendar integration for one-touch meetings. Although the in-room equipment is geared toward Zoom, the room may also be used for WebEx meetings. Customers have a choice of two options: managed or self-managed.

*Includes an annual license and an in-person or virtual consultation.


Available to all students, faculty, and staff.



The following annual subscriptions are available*:

  • Concurrent Meetings — 4 concurrent $96 per year
  • Concurrent Meetings — 20 concurrent $336 per year
  • Large Meeting — 500 participants $600 per year
  • Zoom Room License — $499 per year
  • Webinar — 100 participants $400 per year
  • Webinar — 500 participants $1,400 per year
  • Webinar — 1,000 participants $3,400 per year
  • Webinar — 3,000 participants $9,900 per year
  • Webinar — 5,000 participants $24,900 per year

*Early terminations, subscription upgrades, and refunds are not available.