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Voice Feedback

Voice Feedback helps individuals with low vision or blindness use the phone by assisting them as they navigate phone settings and screens. A voice reads aloud relevant information in English, including incoming caller ID, displayed screens, settings, and functions.

How to Use Voice Feedback


When your phone is idle, push Select on the Navigation ring three times. Or, go to Applications > Accessibility on your phone screen, then select Voice Feedback.


Push a softkey once, and a voice reads aloud the feature associated with the key. Push a softkey twice, and the feature is executed.


Push a hardkey, and a voice reads aloud the screen name, then the application or setting is highlighted on the screen. Hardkeys include the Contacts, Applications, and Messages buttons.

Speakerphone, Handset, and Headset

By default, Voice Feedback uses your speakerphone to alert you. Alternatively, lift the handset from the cradle to hear the voice through it, or plug in a headset.

Incoming Call

Voice Feedback alerts you to an incoming call by reading aloud the caller ID or the phone number. Push the corresponding softkey twice to answer, decline, or ignore a call.

Phone Settings and Screens

Voice Feedback assists you as you navigate through your phone menu. It reads aloud the displayed screens, the settings you choose, and the status of your different parameters. You can use this feature to customize your phone.


When on a call, only you hear Voice Feedback.