Carnegie Mellon University

Box Organization Folders

In addition to personal Box storage space, students, faculty and staff may request group storage space for holding group related content. Organization folders are useful when sharing among members of a student organization or work group, research or project team, or department. The shared storage space appears to each member as a folder within an individual CMU Box account.


  • Content is stored in a group-owned Box folder simplifying transfer of content should a member leave the group or the University.
  • Primary and secondary contacts of the Organization Folder are co-owners who set the permissions and invite group members as collaborators.
  • Members access the Organization Folder through their individual Box account; appears as another folder.
  • Ability to be the primary or secondary contact for unlimited Organization Folders.
  • 2TB of storage space by default.
  • Accessible as long as one co-owner exists within the folder. If a co-owner does not exist for one year, the folder and its content are permanently deleted.
  • Leverage supported Box features and optional apps for more powerful collaboration.

Note: CMU Sponsored Accounts are not eligible for CMU Box accounts, therefore, they are not able to collaborate in a Box Organization Folder.