Carnegie Mellon University

Collaboration and Storage

Campus affiliates are given server space for file storage and sharing. Depending on where you need to access files from or who you want to share with, a number of options are available to you.


Andrew File System (AFS)

A global file system that is similar to a cloud-based storage but files are stored locally at Carnegie Mellon; enables collaboration with other campus affiliates.  Used for Network Drive storage on Mac lab computers.


Secure cloud storage service that allows individuals to access files from any device with an Internet connection. Box can be used to share files and collaborate. 

G Suite

G Suite is a package of cloud-based services provided by Google.  It features unlimited storage quota, the ability to access services from desktop and mobile devices, and the ability to share and collaborate with colleagues within the Google Apps @ CMU domain. 


MyDeptFiles DFS storage provides a backup solution, usage monitoring, data retention and recovery, confidentiality, and drive mapping. Files can be rolled back up to 5 weeks in cases of accidental file deletion. 


Storage accessible from Windows computer labs and remotely using Virtual Andrew.