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Tableau User Group

The CMU Tableau User Group (TUG) was organized in 2018 to build the CMU analytics community by bringing together cross-functional Tableau creators, analytics practitioners, and data enthusiasts.

Our primary focus is learning from one another. We meet regularly to explore tips and improve how people at CMU use Tableau. Check out the Data and Analytics Collaborative calendar for event details.

Your participation will add another thread to the rich and diverse fabric of the CMU analytics community, and you’ll learn something in every meeting! All staff and faculty are welcome.

Upcoming Meetings and Events


Have a quick Tableau question or resource to post? Want to request feedback or discuss how-tos with other Tableau users at CMU?


Have a finished dashboard, work in progress, or tip to share at a monthly meeting? Could we interview you about your experience with Tableau?

PRESENT AT TUG**Requires an Andrew userID and password.



Past Meetings

January 26, 2023
A Conversation with Stan Waddell, VP for Information Technology and CIO
Storytelling with Data Exercise

December 12, 2022
Digital Accessibility for Dashboards
Challenges & Strategies in Tableau

November 17, 2022
Tableau at Dietrich College
University Libraries and Tableau

October 25, 2022
Tips and Tricks!
Dashboard Visualization Guidelines

September 29, 2022
Leadership Dashboard Project
Tableau at Heinz College

Additional Resources

Choosing and Building Charts

Data and Challenges for Practice

Useful Collections