Carnegie Mellon University

Timeshare UNIX

The Timeshare UNIX service provides remote, command line access to Linux-based UNIX systems from any Windows or Mac computer. 

CMU’s Timeshare UNIX service:

  • Uses a load-balanced UNIX system that provides a computing environment for multiple concurrent users.
  • Is accessible via ssh and sftp.
  • Provides access to a user’s AFS home directory for shared file storage.
  • Provides access to a large software library, including multiple software development environments.


  • Take advantage of a UNIX environment and software without installing UNIX.
  • Increase productivity and mobility with safe access to a Linux-based UNIX system from multiple devices in any location.
  • Alleviate backup concerns with reliable maintenance and recovery planning.
  • Enhance security with centralized monitoring and server protection.


Students, faculty, staff


No request necessary