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MailTo Web Forms

The MailTo Web Forms service allows site administrators to use HTML forms with the MailTo form action on their university web sites. The service provides a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) script on the hosted servers (CMS and AWPS) and (UserWeb and CourseWeb). The script sends responses from an HTML form you create to a Carnegie Mellon email address.

Note: In addition to MailTo Web Forms, the CMS supports options for embedding third-party forms.

The MailTo Web Forms service provides the script on the publishing servers to enable HTML MailTo form actions. You need basic HTML knowledge to build the MailTo web form. Consult the documentation provided or an online tutorial for HTML guidance. If you need assistance writing HTML code, it may be helpful to use a web authoring tool such as Dreamweaver, available in the Computing Services Computer Labs.


Students, faculty and staff for websites hosted on and


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