Carnegie Mellon University

Web Conferencing FAQs

Sometimes getting started with Web Conferencing can be a challenge. Review some of our more common frequently asked questions to help you understand your options.

If you are in a Teaching & Learning, SLA, or Conference space you can share your screen by connecting your laptop to the room's projector.

To connect outside of a space, use one of our web conferencing options, such as Zoom, to host a meeting and share your screen, as well as live video.

You should use web conferencing software any time you need to share visual information between individuals or groups in different locations. Visual information could be considered real-time screen sharing, a video feed, and more.
Begin by connecting your laptop to the room's projector, using the provided room connectors. Once you're projecting your display to those in the room, use one of our web conferencing options, such as Zoom, to share your screen remotely. No other software is needed.