Carnegie Mellon University

To enhance Virtual Andrew’s security and improve your experience, we’ve added Web Login and two-factor authentication and updated the operating system to Windows 11.

May 13, 2024

Recent Updates to Virtual Andrew

Computing Services recently completed a project to improve the stability and security of our Virtual Andrew service and improve your experience accessing applications virtually.

  • Integration with Web Login and Two-Factor Authentication
    By now, you’re used to signing in with your Andrew userID and password and authenticating with DUO to access most of CMU’s computing resources. Now you’ll see that experience integrated into Virtual Andrew using the standard page whether you use a web browser or the desktop client.
  • Updated Operating System
    Like our Windows lab computers across campus, we’ve updated the operating system in all virtual desktops from Windows 10 to Windows 11. You shouldn’t experience any interruptions to your normal workflows, but you may notice a few changes to the Windows interface.

Behind the scenes, we’ve also updated several systems to improve your experience using high-performance applications.