Carnegie Mellon University

Verify Your Personal Email Address

June 08, 2022

Do you have a Personal Email Address on File?

You might be thinking, "I already have an Andrew email. Why does it matter if Carnegie Mellon University has my personal email address on file?" Believe it or not, your personal email is a key piece of information in your CMU profile. Here's why you want to keep it up to date:

  • You'll need your personal email address in order to change your Andrew password using our Password Reset Tool.
  • Your personal email address is our way of reaching you in the event that you've been locked out of your Andrew account. For example, if you’ve been locked out of your Andrew account due to a forgotten password or locked out of two-factor authentication (2fa) with DUO.

How to Verify Your Personal Email Address

The good news is that verifying your personal email address is relatively simple.

  • Faculty and staff can verify their personal email in Workday under the Personal Information section.
  • Students can log in to Student Information Online (SIO) and update their personal email address in the My Info section.