Carnegie Mellon University

The Computing Services central IT department provides services that have strategic impact on university goals. We make service decisions based on interaction and valuable input from colleagues engaged in the education, research and administration efforts of the university. We are a learning organization and approach successes and mistakes as a learning experience to continually cultivate a culture of intelligent risk taking.


We value the contributions made by Carnegie Mellon students, faculty, and staff to research and education. Their work shapes our own efforts in providing supporting information technology (IT) services. In a dynamic environment, we seek to anticipate and meet the needs of the university community by providing core IT services that are effective, highly available, scalable to an enterprise level, accessible, and secure.

We seek to hire, retain, and develop the best staff for Computing Services, and create an environment where our employees look forward to challenging and rewarding work. We recognize that only such an organization can provide the quality of IT services needed by Carnegie Mellon.

We are a part of the complex mix of IT professionals who support Carnegie Mellon’s global campus IT ecosystem. We value communication, collaboration, and service delivery that complements that of our IT colleagues working in schools and departments throughout the university. We believe that collegiality and professionalism are critical and that they require respect for and trust in each other’s abilities and judgment. They are built on open communication as well as willingness to give and accept respectful criticism that serves to improve quality.

We believe excellence in IT requires explicit planning, project management, communication planning, and outcome assessment. Planning is necessary to effectively meet the needs of the campus community through the most effective use of the resources available to us. Planning and management of projects and the ongoing portfolio of IT services assures predictability of process and outcomes.. We value critical evaluation of the effectiveness of our services and organizational processes so that we can make the corrections necessary to assure their quality.

Computing Services is first and foremost a service organization. Individual initiative and innovation have often served our mission in providing better, lower cost services to the university and, for this reason, we value and encourage them.