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Celebration of Diversity Series

A diverse group of CMU students wearing colorful t-shirts and gathered outside on campus

At Carnegie Mellon, our different backgrounds motivate and propel us. Register for Celebration of Diversity Series to learn how Tartans of all kinds have a place in our community.

About Celebration of Diversity Series

Our Celebration of Diversity Series is focused specifically on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion at Carnegie Mellon. By attending this online programming, you can join community-led, identity-based sessions discussing the experiences of and resources available to historically underrepresented student groups. Sessions will also cover issues of justice and equity in higher education. Family members are invited to take part in a session hosted by our Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion.

About Turn Tartan Experience

The Celebration of Diversity Series takes place alongside our Turn Tartan Experience, and we encourage you to register for sessions from both events. Turn Tartan Experience offerings include academic sessions, virtual tours, student panels and more.

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Dates and Times

Our Celebration of Diversity Series and Turn Tartan Experience events will return for Spring 2022. Check back for updates!

Dedicated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Differing perspectives drive our academic excellence and spirit of innovation. But, in a world where systems have created inherent advantages for some and disadvantages for others, simply recognizing the value of our differences is not enough. We need to make things right so no one is left out.

Our goal at Carnegie Mellon is to ensure that everyone — regardless of background — has the same opportunities from admission through graduation and beyond.