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Undergraduate Admission

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Standardized Testing

Standardized Testing Consideration

Carnegie Mellon is test optional for Fall 2025 undergraduate applicants, which means the submission of SAT or ACT results is not required. However, School of Computer Science applicants are strongly encouraged to submit either an SAT or ACT score, including the math subscore. View more details for Fall 2025 applicants below.

If you choose to submit scores: note that we allow superscoring of SAT test results, but we are unable to accept superscored results for the ACT exam due to the composite score included in the score report.

The College Board no longer offers SAT Subject Tests. These test results are neither required nor recommended, and prior scores won’t be considered in our admission process.

Standardized Testing Information

Fall 2025 Applicants

Carnegie Mellon University will be test optional for Fall 2025 undergraduate admission applications. However, students applying to the School of Computer Science are strongly encouraged to submit either an SAT or ACT score, including the math subscore, to bolster their application's strength and to aid in determining their ability to succeed academically at Carnegie Mellon.

Pursuant to this policy, applicants aren't required to submit SAT or ACT results; however, results will be considered for those who submit them. 

We'll continue to review and evaluate our process to make a determination regarding future standardized testing requirements for admission to Carnegie Mellon.

Carnegie Mellon is committed to a holistic approach to admission. No single grade, factor, score or activity guarantees or disqualifies any candidate’s admission to Carnegie Mellon. Students who are unable to take either the SAT or ACT or choose not to submit their standardized test scores will be considered equally for admission along with those who submit scores. We treat every applicant as an individual, taking great care to make our admission decisions fairly, thoroughly and in context. We’re interested in students who can succeed at Carnegie Mellon while taking full advantage of all the university offers.

SAT and ACT Tests

Carnegie Mellon is extending our test-optional policy, removing the SAT/ACT standardized testing requirement for all Fall 2025 first-year applicants. Please see the information above for more details.

We prefer that all testing is completed by November 1 for Early Decision 1 applicants and by January 3 for Early Decision 2, Regular Decision and Early Admission applicants.

We believe that college admission testing in the 9th and 10th grades adds to the anxiety of a process that students won’t encounter for several years. As a result, we encourage students to submit 11th or 12th grade SAT or ACT scores (tests taken the summer after 10th grade are appropriate). While earlier tests may measure knowledge at the time they are taken, that level of knowledge gradually evolves and doesn’t fully represent the knowledge students bring to college first-year courses. Should students present tests taken two or more years in advance of their first-year experience, we'd take the timing of the test results into consideration. The greater the amount of time prior to students' first year of college, the less we can rely on the test results as a fair representation of their knowledge entering Carnegie Mellon.

Both domestic and international applicants who choose to submit SAT or ACT scores may share either official or self-reported SAT or ACT scores. Students will not be required to submit official score reports unless they are admitted and choose to enroll. Applicants are able to self-report test scores through the Common Application or by sharing an unofficial score report. Students may also submit a transcript that includes test scores.

The Carnegie Mellon SAT code is 2074 and the ACT code is 3534.

TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge or Duolingo English Test

We require the TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge or Duolingo English Test from all nonnative English speakers.* If English isn't one of your first languages, you must submit official results from one of the following options:

IELTS (or IELTS Online): We require at least a 7.5 overall band score on the Academic Examination and give consideration to those with subscores of 7.5 and above.

TOEFL iBT or iBT Home Edition: We require at least a 102 overall score and give consideration to those with subscores of 25 and above.

TOEFL Essentials: We require at least an 11 overall band score and give consideration to those with subscores of 11 and above.

Cambridge English Assessment: We require at least a 191 overall score and give consideration to those with subscores of 191 and above.

Duolingo English Test: We require at least a 135 overall and give consideration to those with the following subscores and above:

  • Literacy: 135
  • Conversation: 130
  • Comprehension: 145
  • Production: 115

Scores should be no more than two years old at the time of application, and we prefer that you submit all English proficiency test results from the past two years.  

Should you take the TOEFL more than once, we'll use the set of TOEFL scores corresponding with your highest overall score. We don't use TOEFL MyBest scores, which ‘superscore’ subsection results from more than one test administration of the TOEFL. 

Please plan on taking the TOEFL or IELTS no later than December of your senior year. Make sure that the name you use for test registration is identical to the way your name is listed on your passport and in your admissions application.

*The TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo English Test/ Cambridge English Assessment will continue to be required for nonnative English speakers for Fall 2024.