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Materials Science & Engineering

If you want to create the building blocks of the future, this is the place for you.

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College of Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering

Nearly all technology — whether brand new or well-established — depends on materials development and innovation. Understanding the behavior of metals, polymers, ceramics and composites is critical to design the future. From advancing toward 3D bioprinting of a replacement human heart to developing a substitute material for an endangered wood used in the musical instrument called the marimba, materials engineers are literally making the future. These makers and dreamers manipulate the connection between processing, structure and properties of materials to engineer materials that fit the performance criteria for specific uses. As a graduate, you can work at companies, universities or national laboratories, focusing on areas like microelectronics, energy production and storage, biomedical applications, aerospace, information technology, nanotechnology, manufacturing and materials production.

Materials Science and Engineering Major, Minors and More

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Materials Science & Engineering

Bachelor of Science
Integrated Master/Bachelor Programs

Our curriculum gives you a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills of Materials Science & Engineering combined with a broad-based education that inculcates a thoughtful, problem-solving approach to professional life. You are encouraged to participate in the current research programs of the faculty, and most students do. The program culminates in the Capstone Project, where you will work in teams with industrial partners to solve real-world problems.

Electronic Materials


The Electronic Materials minor provides you with a firm basis for the application of electronic materials in advanced systems. This minor is well-suited for students who want a career in the electronics industry (including semiconductor integrated circuit design and manufacturing and magnetic storage engineering). The minor also provides excellent preparation for students interested in graduate work in materials science and engineering, electrical and computer engineering, or applied physics.

Mechanical Behavior of Materials


An understanding of mechanical behavior is important to both the development of new materials and the selection of appropriate materials for many applications. The mechanical behavior of materials is best understood by integrating solid mechanics with the microstructural basis of flow and fracture. The purpose of this minor is to allow a formal basis for students to pursue an integrated approach to the mechanical behavior of materials.


Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Wean Hall 3325
Carnegie Mellon University
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Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Class of 2022, Six Months After Graduation


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Average Salary

Recent Employers

Naval Nuclear Laboratory


Panasonic Energy of North America

Intel Corporation

High School Course Requirements

4 years English
4 years Mathematics*
1 year Chemistry
1 year Physics
1 year Biology
2 years Foreign Language
3 electives

*Four years of mathematics should include at least algebra, geometry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, elementary functions (pre-calculus) and preferably calculus. Advanced mathematics courses are encouraged, especially a course in calculus.

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