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Want to solve society’s pressing economic, social, and business issues and create a better tomorrow with data? We’ll teach you how.

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"Studying Economics & Statistics has afforded me so many opportunities to explore theory, applications and technical skills. The blend of these two disciplines as a single major aligns really well with my professional goals and what I wanted to get out of my college experience."
Adrienne '23

Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences + Tepper School of Business


At Carnegie Mellon, research and education in economics spans multiple disciplines, inhabiting the crossroads of economics, public policy, and behavioral sciences. Our interdisciplinary environment has made for a productive past — nine Nobel Laureates in Economics have called Carnegie Mellon home — and it continues to make for a productive future.  The Undergraduate Economics Program is designed to develop your analytical skills and give you a solid foundation in economic theory and quantitative analysis, while honing your communication and application skills. You’ll use these skills to tackle data-driven questions about key societal issues.

Economics Majors and Minor

Choose the path that fits you best. Browse all current economics curriculums and courses.(opens in new window)

*Please note that interested students apply to and enter Economics programs through the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, while the Economics department is housed in the Tepper School of Business. Learn more about the Tepper School of Business.


Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

Both of these degree programs provide you with a strong foundation in economic analysis and quantitative methods. 

The Bachelor of Arts has a curriculum that enables you to explore economic and social problems from the perspective of history, politics, philosophy, and psychology. 

The Bachelor of Science in Economics curriculum has a deep focus in analytical modeling and economics data courses. This major equips you with the knowledge to analyze complex economic and business problems by combining economic reasoning with advanced data analytic techniques.

A minor in Economics will provide you with the economic and data analytical toolkit that is the foundation of business/organizational decision making.

Economics and Mathematical Sciences

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Economics and Mathematical Sciences is designed for you if you want to explore the application of mathematics to economics at an advanced and deep level. It is offered jointly by Carnegie Mellon's Undergraduate Economics Program and its Department of Mathematical Sciences. It will equip you with the mathematical tools and skills necessary for advanced economic model building, data science, and mathematical finance. 

Economics and Statistics

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics is for you if you have a strong interest in the application of statistics and empirical methods to economics and business. It is offered jointly by Carnegie Mellon's Undergraduate Economics Program and its Department of Statistics and Data Science. The major's curriculum trains you to isolate and infer causes of economic and business outcomes, make forecasts, and make data-driven decisions.

Economics and Politics

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Economics and Politics is offered jointly by the Undergraduate Economics Program and the Institute for Politics and Strategy. In this degree program — a joint major between the Undergraduate Economics Program and the Institute for Politics and Strategy — you’ll study the relationship between the two disciplines, learning how political institutions and decision-making affect economic growth, income distribution and many other aspects of economic life. It may be the major for you if you’re interested in the design, evaluation, and political implementation of policy or if you are considering a career in politics and public service.


Undergraduate Economics Program

Tepper School of Business, Suite 2400
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Class of 2022, Six Months After Graduation


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JPMorgan Chase and Co.

High School Course Requirements

4 years English
3 years Mathematics**
1 year Science (2 or more preferred)
2 years Foreign Language
6 electives

**Three years of mathematics should include at least algebra, geometry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, elementary functions as well as pre-calculus. Advanced mathematics courses are encouraged.

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