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Computer Science

Architects in the computer lab, building machines and manifesting better technology.

Students watch as professor LP Morency points to a TV that is capturing data from their facial expressions.
"Once I was at CMU, I saw that there were so many facets to computer science. That was the excitement — once I started realizing that computer science was linked to literally every other field possible in the world."
Geeta '08

School of Computer Science

Computer Science

Research fans, rejoice: You’ll be all kinds of engaged in this program, which gives you firsthand experience in real-world work as an undergraduate. In pursuing this degree, you’ll gain a strong foundation with core computer science and project-oriented courses. But these are balanced with humanities courses and a required additional area of study, all of which will make you a better-rounded computer scientist. Ultimately, you’ll gain the tools, skills and knowledge to keep up with technology as it evolves — so that as it advances, so will your career. 

Computer Science Majors and Minor

Choose the path that fits you best. Browse all current Computer Science curriculums and courses.

Computer Science

Bachelor of Science
Additional Major

Designed for tech-minded scholars with big-picture mindsets, this degree combines a solid core of computer science courses with other science and humanities courses that help you develop greater context and crucial critical thinking skills. As a student in this program, you’ll be required to minor in a separate field of study, giving you deep knowledge in another area — and you’ll have the chance to put theory into practice through research, part-time work, project-oriented courses and independent study. 
No matter your major, you can pursue the minor in computer science to gain additional depth and breadth of knowledge in the field. 


School of Computer Science

5000 Forbes Avenue
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Class of 2020, Six Months After Graduation


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High School Course Requirements

4 years English
4 years Mathematics*
1 year Physics
2 years Chemistry, Biology or Computer Science
2 years Foreign Language
3 electives

*Four years of mathematics should include at least algebra, geometry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, elementary functions (pre-calculus) and preferably calculus. Advanced mathematics courses are encouraged, especially a course in calculus.

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