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Undergraduate Admission

Statistics & Data Science

Where the wildly analytical and the outrageously practical make data dance and numbers speak.

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"The faculty are all very accomplished and super engaging, and it's really easy to meet and make friends with students in your classes. I also like that small class sizes make it really easy to build close connections with professors."
Nitin '23

Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Statistics & Data Science

World-renowned for its contributions to statistical theory and practice, the Department of Statistics & Data Science is where imaginatively logical problem-solvers work collaboratively across disciplines, applying statistical tools to real-world challenges. Here, you’ll master skills in statistical theory, the interpretation and display of complex data, computing, and mathematics — all of which adds up to an experience that’s all kinds of gratifying. 

Statistics and Data Science Majors and Minor

Choose the path that fits you best. Browse all current Department of Statistics & Data Science curriculums and courses.(opens in new window)


Bachelor of Science

This flexible program helps you master both the theory and practice of statistics. The program can be tailored to prepare you for later graduate study in statistics, or to complement your interests in almost any field, including psychology, physics, biology, history, business, information systems and computer science.

Statistics and Machine Learning

Bachelor of Science (Jointly offered by the School of Computer Science)

If statistical computation, data science and “big data” problems are your kind of thing, this major might be just the right fit. You’ll take courses in computing, mathematics, statistical theory and the interpretation of complex data, learning how to analyze large sets of numbers to find patterns and improve algorithms. 

Economics and Statistics

Bachelor of Science (Jointly offered by the Undergraduate Economics Program)

Designed for those with a strong interest in the empirical analysis of economic data, this program will give you a solid foundation in the theories and methods of both data science and economics. You’ll graduate with the skills to advance the understanding of economic issues, and you’ll be well prepared to enter fields like economics, finance, public policy and more. 


Department of Statistics and Data Science

Baker Hall 132
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Statistics and Data Science Website

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Class of 2022, Six Months After Graduation


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High School Course Requirements

4 years English
3 years Mathematics**
1 year Science (2 or more preferred)
2 years Foreign Language
6 electives

**Three years of mathematics should include at least algebra, geometry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, elementary functions as well as pre-calculus. Advanced mathematics courses are encouraged.

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