Carnegie Mellon University

Zoom Exchange Add-In

The Zoom Exchange Add-in allows scheduling of Zoom meetings from directly within a meeting invite. The add-in works for Outlook on the Web, as well as Outlook for Windows and Mac, and will need to be enabled one-time prior to use. 

Enabling the Add-In

  1. Visit Outlook on the Web.
  2. Click the Gear icon (upper right) and select Manage add-ins.
  3. Under the Turned On column, click the checkbox to right of the Zoom add-in to enable it.
  4. Click the Options arrow (upper left) to apply the changes.

Using the Add-In

  1. Restart your preferred version of Outlook.
  2. Open your calendar and create a new meeting invitation.
  3. A new Zoom button will appear on the ribbon (upper right). You may experience a brief delay before the Zoom option appears in some versions of Outlook. 
  4. If prompted, choose SSO to log in to the CMU instance of Zoom.

Note: The Exchange Add-in is not supported for use with Safari.