Carnegie Mellon University

Post-Graduation Outcomes

The CPDC surveys all students graduating from Carnegie Mellon University (excluding Heinz College and Tepper graduate students) in order to obtain information on their career plans after graduation, also known as First Destination Career Outcomes. Common points of data include hiring companies, graduate and professional schools, starting salaries, and geographic locations. Explore the dashboard below to learn about the first career destinations of our recent alumni!

Note: Some recent graduates chose not to provide employer, job title, salary, and/or graduate school information in their response. To protect the identity of individuals, certain rresults are hidden when the response count is too low. It is recommended to utilize the "Department" filter first.

Learn more about the key terms or language used below as well as information regarding how these statistics are obtained from graduates.

How to Use

Narrow the scope to specific academic college, department and majors for relevant information:

1. Click the desired filter
2. Unselect "All"
3. Select the desired academic value,
4. Click "apply"

*It is recommended to start with the "Department" filter. When filtering, only relevant values are shown. By default, academic filters are set to ALL.
Reveal more information by hovering over elements on the charts.

Hovering over the Outcomes categories will show specific definitions for each category.

The Location chart displays count of graduates and median salaries for each location.
Find more information in the Top Employer and Top Titles charts by using the scroll bar to scroll down.

You can also zoom in and out of the map by using th "+" and " - " buttons that appear on when hovering or scrolling with a mouse.
Perform a keyword search in the search bars above Top Employers and Top Job Titles to quickly find specific organizations or job positions.

For example, try typing "Software" into the Top Titles search bar to see all positions related to software.