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Biological Sciences

The Biological Sciences program has a distinctive core curriculum that provides a foundation in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics, and provides students with a greater understanding of the science behind life.

Major Minor

Biological Sciences and Psychology

Biological Sciences and Psychology reflects the interdisciplinary nature of current research in the fields of biology and psychology, as well as the national trend in some professions to seek individuals broadly trained in both the social and natural sciences.


Biological Sciences: Neuroscience Track

This track provides an option for Biological Sciences majors who are interested in an intensive curricular focus in neuroscience.


BXA: Science and Arts

The Bachelor of Science and Arts intercollege degree program is designed for students who’d like to integrate their interests in science/mathematics and the fine arts.



The Chemistry program curriculum provides a strong foundation in the fundamental areas of study in chemistry including organic, physical, inorganic and analytical chemistry.

Major Minor

Chemistry/Biological Chemistry

This degree is ideal for students who wish to better prepare themselves for advanced studies in biological chemistry or biomedical fields and a job market that values knowledge and skills from both disciplines.


Computational Finance

Computational Finance provides the background needed to support the computational and mathematical analysis needs of a wide variety of businesses and industries and is well-suited to students with an interest in the physical sciences and engineering.

Major Minor

Discrete Mathematics and Logic

This minor develops the fundamentals of discrete mathematics and logic necessary to understand the mathematical foundations of many computer-related disciplines.


Economics and Mathematical Sciences

This major offers an integrated curriculum that builds upon the synergies between economics and mathematics. It equips students with the mathematical tools and skills necessary for advanced economic model building, data science, and mathematical finance.


Mathematical Sciences

This program allows students to design a program to suit their individual needs and interests. Concentrations within the degree include Mathematical Sciences, Operations Research and Statistics, Statistics, Discrete Mathematics and Logic and Computational and Applied Mathematics.

Major Minor


The program's interdisciplinary curriculum is designed for students to gain a fundamental understanding of brain function on many different levels and the major prepares students to specialize within the broad field of Neuroscience.

Major Minor


The BS program provides a solid foundation for students looking to pursue graduate work in physics fields. The BA program is flexible, and allows students to combine Physics with disciplines, such as liberal arts, teaching, business or law. The minor provides a solid introductory foundation.

Major Minor