Carnegie Mellon University
February 01, 2021

Gang Liu Publishes Children’s Book Series

By Meghan Marino

Stephanie Johndrow
  • Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Six-year-old Luoluo Ting and her two feline friends explore ancient China in the newly published children's series, "Luoluo Ting's Adventure into Chinese Mythology," written by Carnegie Mellon University associate teaching professor of Chinese studies, Gang Liu.

Influenced by over 50 ancient Chinese mythological tales, Liu — a faculty member in the Department of Modern Languages — initially wanted to write a "leveled children's book" to teach his daughter Chinese.

"Books that have a good control of language difficulty often don't have very interesting stories, and those with good stories are often too hard for young readers or language learners to read independently," said Liu.

"Luoluo Ting's Adventure into Chinese Mythology" seeks to equalize this balance. Targeting 5- to 10-year-old Chinese children as well as nonnative learners with some proficiency, Liu's work provides education along with entertainment.

"The books can be used in classrooms for teaching Chinese mythology or traditional Chinese culture," Liu said.

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