Carnegie Mellon University

Internships not only lead to careers they help students find their passions.

Internships are more than career advancers. They are experiences that allow students to embrace causes they care most about or learn more about new opportunities.

The Dietrich College Pittsburgh Summer Internship Program at Carnegie Mellon University is designed for undergraduates to engage and connect with organizations in the place CMU calls home: Pittsburgh.

How It Works

  • Pittsburgh-area companies or organizations employ Dietrich College students for an 8-10 week internship.
  • Students accepted into the program will be supported up to the minimum level of $2,500.

Application Submission

Both student and organization applications should be submitted as single PDF files through their respective submission portals below. Please only send a blank email with the file attached, as both email addresses are unmonitored.

Student Submission Organization Submission

If a blank email does not automatically open after clicking one of the buttons above, please email your PDF files to if you are applying as a student or if you are applying as an organization. 

Any other questions should be directed to Cameron Dively.

Important Dates

  • Feb 1 Program Application Deadline
  • Feb 15 Program Decision Deadline
  • Mar 1 Deadline for Submitting Internship Application Materials