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Volume Nine - Summer 2024

In This Issue
Call for Nominations: Staff Community Excellence Award; Save the Date: Connections & Conversation Luncheon; Student Spotlight: Melina Castillo; Family Weekend Presentations: Melissa Pekular and Veronica Pimenova; Alumni Spotlight: Kerri Ullucci; Faculty Spotlight: Candace Skibba; Dietrich College and Carnegie Mellon University Teaching Award Recipients

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Volume Eight - Fall 2023

In This Issue
Student Spotlight: Mya Bowdry; An Insiders' View on Amber Thompsons de-Bias Workshop from Neville Caceres and Sasha Kroman; Faculty Spotlight: Mariam Wassif; 2023-2024 DEI Events.

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Volume Seven - Fall 2022

In This Issue
Recognizing Catherine Taipe, The Garden's past student writer; Valentino Rahming discusses second language acquisition as an Afro-Caribbean language learner; Arko Dasgupta breaks down Indian anti-colonial sentiments related to South Asian colorism; Sydney Barlow connects racial centrality with communal coping; Stephanie Larson encourages diversity, equity and inclusion in the student community; Ashley Christophersen shares her insights; Steven Aceti analyzes the impact of Title 42 on migrants; Eliza Joy Hallinan describes her strong connection with her mother; and Dietrich College shares updates on our progress on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Volume Six - Winter 2022

In This Issue
Michael Granovetter shares his work on improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the academic medical field; Nisha Shanmugaraj speaks on her doctoral research and its impact; Jeria Quesenberry shares ongoing progress on improving faculty searches and hires; Clara Lam reflects on an anti-Asian racism panel; Jayla Hemphill writes on the meaning of "Black Lives Matter"; Eileen Lee and Adhiti Chundur reflect on the "Grow A Garden" art exhibition; and Dietrich College shares updates on our progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Volume Five - Fall 2020

In This Issue
Michelle Liu shares her Spotify plug-in that went viral in September; Elise Delgado discusses her unique honors thesis project about the underrepresented communities at CMU; Joan Song shares the success and impact of their small business; Professor Christina Bjorndahl describes how she has brought diverse perspectives to her class, Nature of Language; Representatives from Information Systems discuss their initiatives to make the program more diverse and inclusive; CMU alumna Shauna C. Grovell shares her upcoming virtual event, Conversation & Candy; Ruel Beresford writes on the topic of diversity and when it can become performative; and, The Garden presents a poetry selection by Ethan Rhabb and a comic selection by Iris Pei.

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Volume Four - Summer 2020

In This Issue
Justin Wang shares an upcoming event from CMU's Asian Students Association; Heitho Shipp discusses the scope of her research on microvalidations; Nicholas Marotta and Julia Nieto share the successes of their small businesses; Professor Kenya Dworkin discusses her experience teaching and living in COVID times; Sheldon Yawson provides a perspective on being a CMU student in uncertain times; and The Garden presents poetry by an anonymous CMU alum and by Q Quaye.

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Volume Three - Winter 2020

In This Issue
Ayana Ledford and Dean Scheines welcome the Dietrich community; Katelyn Bloomquist describes her work in advocating for those with disabilities and chronic illnesses; Dietrich College invites the community to enjoy an event series; Nicholas Murphy shares his and others' thoughts about pride at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Volume Two - Spring 2019

In This Issue
Dean Scheines describes his hopes for the newsletter; Zachary Rapaport describes the ethics behind studying abroad; Dietrich College invites the community to enjoy an events series as well as a town hall; and Naviya Singla brings up reasons why international students might be politically apathetic.

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Volume One - Spring 2018

In This Issue
Frank Dolce shares his latest work with the new app he's developing to bring students closer together on campus; upcoming events, ranging from potlucks to film screenings are featured and much more.

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