Carnegie Mellon University

About the Program


Every Dietrich College undergraduate student will have the opportunity to experience a meaningful internship in the city of Pittsburgh during their time at Carnegie Mellon University.


To equip Dietrich College undergraduate students with the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to connect academic learning to professional goals by providing access to meaningful internship experiences with a non-profit, community or government organization, small business or startup that engages and strengthens the Pittsburgh community.

Guiding Principles

We believe that…

  • Experiential learning is essential to student success
  • Dietrich College undergraduate students possess unique talents and perspectives to offer to community partners
  • Carnegie Mellon contributes to its community when it supports local organizations and businesses
  • Pittsburgh is great place to learn, live, work and play

Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of the Pittsburgh Summer Internship Program, students will…

  1. Cultivate the skills needed to achieve professional success
  2. Describe the issues facing the Pittsburgh community and the role of organizations and businesses in addressing them Initiate and engage in positive interactions with diverse others
  3. Express a belief in their own capacity for future professional success
  4. Articulate connections between academic experiences and potential career paths
  5. Develop an appreciation for Pittsburgh as a great place to learn, live, work and play