Carnegie Mellon University

2017-2018 Fellows

David BeinhartDavid Beinhart

Majors: Business Administration, Creative Writing
Project: An Inquiry Into the Future of Work
Adviser: Jim Daniels
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Isabel BleimeisterIsabel Bleimeister

Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Biomedical Engineering
Project: Subcortical Visual Processing
Adviser: Marlene Behrmann
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Kyanna DawsonKyanna Dawson

Major: International Relations and Politics
Project: The Balance of Powers: The Federal Court System and the Presidency
Adviser: Geoffrey McGovern
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Jenna HoustonJenna Houston

Majors: Gender Studies, Art
Minor: Photography
Project: "Vulvodynia: A Documentary"
Advisers: Lisa Tetrault and Ross Mantle
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Amber JamesAmber James

Major: Technical Writing and Communication
Minor: Biomedical Engineering
Project: Sustainability and Technical Communications in Global Health Projects
Adviser: Necia Werner
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Yong H. KimYong H. Kim

Major: Economics
Minor: Decision Science
Project: What Can the U.S. Learn From the Health Insurance Systems of the Netherlands and Switzerland?
Adviser: Martin Gaynor
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Zyneb MajidZeyneb Majid

Major: Psychology
Minor: Biomedical Engineering
Project: Understanding Resistance to Communal Coping and Its Effect on Health Outcomes in Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes
Adviser: Vicki Helgeson
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Manvendu NavjeevanManvendu Navjeevan

Major: Economics and Mathematical Sciences
Minor: Statistics
Project: Pittsburgh City Programs and Their Impact on Income Mobility
Adviser: Laurence Ales
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Ian SearsIan Sears

Major: Creative Writing
Minor: International Relations and Politics
Project: Exploring Narrative Identity Through Fiction
Adviser: Kevin González
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Lauren YanLauren Yan

Major: Cognitive Science
Project: Facilitating Memory Through Games in Children Aged Three to Five
Adviser: Sharon Carver
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