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Partner With Us

At the Dietrich College, we do the work that matters. Our diverse and interdisciplinary educational model makes our students uniquely suited to tackle any problem and change the world. We welcome all organizations looking to join forces with the Dietrich College through one of our mutually-beneficial research or recruitment programs to reach out. Together, we'll build a better future for all.

Propose A Capstone Project

The faculty of Dietrich College understand how valuable it is for students to experience solving real-world problems. Capstone projects do exactly that and bring multifaceted benefits to your organization: utilize the talent of Dietrich students on a project while introducing your organization to tomorrow's workforce.

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Engage Through Research

Gain access to the expertise of Dietrich College students and faculty by sponsoring research that will tackle a problem specified by your company, exploring the issue and receiving recommendations throughout the work. These research engagements are available throughout the year within various academic departments.

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Recruit Our Students

The Dietrich College is filled with multidisciplinary and highly employable talent capable of taking on the demands of working at your organization. Find out how you can get involved in departmental career fairs and recruitment events or set up interview days for recent graduates.

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Not sure where to begin? Reach out and we'll provide more personalized assistance on how to engage with Dietrich College.

Adam Causgrove
Associate Director of Corporate Relations