Carnegie Mellon University

Computing and Operational Support

Dietrich Computing and Operations (DCO) provides hardware and software technical support for university-owned computers. Support is limited to specific computer models and is offered for faculty, staff and graduate students. For any assistance with your hardware or software, or questions regarding our policies, email or call (412) 268-5136.

More information about our expanded services can be found below.

If you are ineligible for support from our group or an undergraduates in need of computing assistance should contact CMU Computing Services or call (412) 268-HELP.

For more information specific to first year undergraduates at Carnegie Mellon, please visit Computing Services' "Get Started" website.

While faculty are encouraged to utilize Carnegie Mellon's Canvas system for class materials, DCO offers limited file server space to faculty members to store class files and other related items in a location accessible to students and colleagues. This space is accessible while on the Carnegie Mellon computing network as well as via VPN. If you require file server space, or have any questions, please contact us for further details.

Dietrich Computing and Operations provides contractual services to support the IT needs of projects outside the scope of standard support. If you have a project that requires computational, project management or server based support needs, please contact us to discuss your options. Initial consultations to determine project needs are not charged. Through strategic relationships with other computing groups, we may be able to help you gain access to established resources and infrastructure.  

Please email to discuss your needs or call 412-268-5136.

Dietrich Computing and Operations offers cloud based backups for all desktops and laptops. In order to receive backups, a machine must be a DCO supported and configured operating system. Our cloud based backups only backup data files and we will no longer be offering OS backup support. The backup program is managed by our group and only requires an active network connection be it on campus or away.

There is an annual fee for this service charged to departments based on the number of users enrolled in the program. If you are not enrolled or would like more information, please email to discuss your needs or call 412-268-5136.

Dietrich Computing and Operations provides recommendations for equipment purchases to departments that will be supported by our group. DCO staff works directly with users to determine the best computer equipment that will their requirement. A quote will then be provided to departmental purchasing officers, Dietrich Computing does not handle any purchasing.

Supported Models

In all instances, the computers must be CMU-owned (i.e., no personally owned computers).


  • Selected Lenovo Thinkpad, Dell Latitude and Optiplex models
  • For software support, the machines must utilize an i5 processor or better
  • For hardware support, we are often able to provide direct hardware repair or we can facilitate on-site repair for Dell technicians as necessary


  • Any model laptop or desktop
  • For software support, the machines must utilize an i5 processor or better
  • Hardware repairs are typically facilitated through any Apple Store

Please email to discuss your needs or call 412-268-5136.

Dietrich Computing and Operations offers a hosted web service in partnership with the CMU CMS office for departments and programs affiliated with the college. All sites in the system are published using the endorsed CMU branding and templates to help unify our college web presence.

This service is charged on a fixed annual basis for qualifying programs and departments. If you would like to explore using DCO as your webmaster, please email to discuss your needs or call 412-268-5136.