Carnegie Mellon University

Computing Support

Dietrich Computing provides hardware and software technical support for university-owned computers. Support is limited to specific computer models and is offered for faculty, staff and graduate students. For any assistance with your hardware or software, or questions regarding our policies, email Dietrich Computing or call (412) 268-5136.

Check the links at right for more information, including instructions for adding printers to your CMU or personally-owned computer.

If you are ineligible for support from our group or an undergraduates in need of computing assistance should contact CMU Computing Services or call (412) 268-HELP.

For more information specific to first year undergraduates at Carnegie Mellon, please visit Computing Services' "Get Started" website.

While faculty are encouraged to utilize Carnegie Mellon's Canvas system for class materials, Dietrich Computing offers limited file server space to faculty members to store class files and other related items in a location accessible to students and colleagues. This space is accessible while on the Carnegie Mellon computing network as well as via VPN. If you require file server space, or have any questions, please contact us for further details.