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Dietrich History & Timeline

From the day classes began in 1969, Dietrich College has been a home to collaboration and innovation. Learn about our most recent highlights by exploring the 2023 Year in Review or look further into Dietrich's history by browsing the interactive timeline.

2023 Year in Review

Our 2023 Year in Review showcases the many ways in which the Dietrich College community has contributed to improving the human condition through education, research and community outreach. We invite you to read about these exciting developments in the pages that follow.

Different from the Very Beginning: Dietrich College Timeline

“[W]e do not want another liberal arts college in the traditional pattern. We want to develop a college which is well suited [...] to the needs of society in the years ahead. On this campus we have a perhaps unique combination of strengths in the sciences, in technology, and in the fine arts. [...] Rather than set up the usual kind of liberal arts college, we have an opportunity to be innovative, to institutionalize new educational ideas suited to the needs of the students and the times.”

- Erwin Steinberg, Committee on Educational Affairs report to Carnegie Mellon University’s Executive Committee, September 18, 1967