Carnegie Mellon University

College Council

All academic policy decisions for the Dietrich College are made by the College Council, which is made up of the dean, associate deans, department heads, faculty/staff representatives, and three student representatives: one graduate student and two undergraduate. In Fall 2021, Dietrich College launched the new General Education Program, which has been a major project for the College Council.

Members of College Council

Department Heads

  • Gretchen Chapman (Social & Decision Sciences)
  • Burton Hollifield (Economics)
  • Mark Kamlet (Institute for Politics and Strategy)
  • Anne Lambright (Modern Languages)
  • Joe Mertz (Information Systems)
  • Rebecca Nugent (Statistics & Data Science)
  • Andreea Ritivoi (English)
  • Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
    (Neuroscience Institute)
  • Nico Slate (History)
  • Peter Spirtes (Philosophy)
  • Michael Tarr (Psychology)

Student Representatives

  • Leila Berger (English)
  • Zachary Novack (Statistics and Data Science)
  • Millie Zhang (IPS)

Faculty Representatives

  • Katie Burns (Modern Languages) 
  • Peter Freeman (Statistics & Data Science)
  • Carol Goldberg (Economics)
  • Laurie Heller (Psychology)
  • Jane McCafferty (English)
  • Dan Phelps (CMU-Qatar)
  • Silvia Saccardo (Social & Decision Sciences)
  • Steve Schlossman (History)
  • Dan Silverman (Institute for Politics and Strategy)
  • Francesca Zaffora Blando (Philosophy)

Dean Richard Scheines

Dean's Cabinet & Staff

  • Connie Angermeier (Social & Decision Sciences Rep.)
  • Sharon Carver (Educational Affairs)
  • Jay Devine (Undergraduate Studies)
  • Joanna Dickert (Assessment)
  • Gary DiLisio (Information Systems Rep.)
  • Emily Half (Institute for Politics and Strategy Rep.)
  • Ayana Ledford (Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Colleen Libertz (GenEd)
  • Gina Mattucci (Academic Advisory Center)
  • Heather Pertz (Administrative Assistant)
  • Kim Piatt (Experiential Learning)