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Guidance on Assessing an Organization’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Have you ever wondered how to know whether an employer will welcome your whole authentic self to their workplace? When looking for a job or internship, it's important to consider whether you'd want to work there every day. Check out this document for guidance on how to ask the right questions in an interview to assess an employer's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Asking the right questions in an interview

CPDC Job and Internship Opportunities Curated for Dietrich College Students

Need fresh ideas? Continue to review the jobs tab in Handshake for a comprehensive list of job postings and virtual interview opportunities, for both internships and full-time roles. This list of jobs and internships has been specifically curated for Dietrich College students. This list will be updated on a bi-weekly basis and will include positions posted on Handshake and beyond. Remember that our college is highly interdisciplinary. As such, you may be interested in and qualified for jobs that are not directly associated with your major, so be sure to think more broadly.

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