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Careers and Internships

Meet Your Dietrich College Career Consultants

Whether you're just beginning your CMU journey or preparing for the job fair, the Career and Professional Development Center looks forward to meeting with you. You can meet with Dietrich Career Consultants Kristin Staunton & Joe Battelline in a number of ways:

1) Schedule a virtual appointment in Handshake

2) Attend a daily group appointment

3) Join an "Ask Me Anything" session

Identity-Based Career Resources

The Career & Professional Development Center is committed to fostering a culture where every individual feels empowered to be their authentic self. As such, they recently launched a new page for Identity-Based Career Resources.

Review identity-based career resources 

Internships & Full-Time Opportunities 

Your Dietrich College career consultants have developed a curated list of jobs and internships for Dietrich College students. This list will be updated on a bi-weekly basis and includes positions posted on Handshake and beyond. 

Remember that Dietrich College is highly interdisciplinary. As such, you may be interested in and qualified for jobs that are not directly associated with your major, so be sure to think more broadly.  

View internship and job opportunities