Carnegie Mellon University


Dietrich College strives to be a place where diversity, equity, inclusion and justice are paramount. These efforts are transforming the college into an environment where everyone benefits from being exposed to a wide-range of ideas, experiences and perspectives. Because we believe inclusivity is a way of life, we continue to enhance the types of programs, events and resources offered to best embrace our diverse community.

Dietrich College DEI Advisory Committee

  • Jason England, assistant professor of English
  • Anne Lambright, professor of Hispanic Studies and head of the Department of Languages, Cultures & Applied Linguistics
  • Ayana Ledford, associate dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Kody Manke, assistant teaching professor of psychology
  • Nico Slate, professor and head of the Department of History
  • Joe Trotter, Giant Eagle University Professor of History and Social Justice, Director of CAUSE

Dietrich College DEI Implementation Committee

  • Department of Economics: Carol Goldburg
  • Department of English: Richard Purcell
  • Department of History: John Soluri
  • Information Systems: Julia Poepping
  • Carnegie Mellon Institute for Strategy and Technology: Emily Half and Ignacio Arana
  • Department of Languages, Cultures & Applied Linguistics: Vera Lampley
  • Neuroscience Institute: Melissa Stupka and Gerry Balbier
  • Department of Philosophy: Danielle Wenner
  • Department of Psychology: Jessica Cantlon
  • Department of Social and Decision Sciences: Kevin Jarbo
  • Department of Statistics & Data Science: Laura Butler