Carnegie Mellon University

Dietrich College Awards

Faculty Awards

Elliott Dunlap Smith Award for Distinguished Teaching and Educational Service

The Elliott Dunlap Smith Award is presented annually to a regular faculty member in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences for “Distinguished Teaching and Educational Service.” As implied by the title of the award, the leading criterion should be that a nominee shall have achieved distinction as a teacher and educator in the college.

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Dean’s Innovation Scholar Award

Instituted in 2015, the Dean’s Innovation Scholar award recognizes significant innovation in course design, teaching practice and learning outcomes assessment among teaching-track faculty in Dietrich College, as well as the promise of these faculty for ongoing creative and effective innovation.

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University Teaching Awards

Carnegie Mellon’s  Celebration of Education recognizes the accomplishments of those who exemplify the university's standards of excellence in education. This event celebrates our distinguished faculty members and educators for their outstanding contributions to the university and their devotion to and effectiveness in teaching. A Celebration of Education consists of five main awards: the Doherty Award, Ryan Award, Academic Advising Award, Barbara Lazarus Award and Gelfand Award. In addition, the most recent Wimmer Faculty Fellows and recipients of the College Teaching Awards, Graduate Student Teaching Award and Graduate Student Service Award are also honored.

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Staff Awards

Dietrich College Staff Community Excellence Award

The Dietrich College Staff Community Excellence Award is a college-level award recognizing individuals for contributions to increasing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging both within and outside the university.

This staff award is for individuals who regularly go above and beyond expectations to create a more inclusive, just and welcoming community. Anyone from the Dietrich College community can nominate a Dietrich College staff member for this honor.  

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University Staff Awards

The Andy Awards, named for Andrew Carnegie and Andrew Mellon, are a tribute to the spirit of teamwork and dedication embodied by the staff at Carnegie Mellon University. Individual staff members and teams of colleagues whose work has had a significant impact on the university are recognized for their outstanding performance and commitment to excellence through the Andy Awards program.

Awards are given in six categories: Commitment to Students, Community Contributions, Culture, Dedication, Innovation and University Citizenship.

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Student Awards

Gretchen Lankford Award

The Gretchen Goldsmith Lankford Award is granted annually to a graduating student in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences for outstanding academic achievement and a commitment to further education and a career in teaching.

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Dietrich College Graduate Student Teaching Award

All graduate students in the Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences are eligible for nomination. Each department in the college may nominate one graduate student.

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