Carnegie Mellon University

Winners of the Elliott Dunlap Smith Award for Distinguished Teaching and Educational Service

2019 Gabriele Maier Modern Languages
2018 Lisa Tetrault History
2017 Steven Schlossman History
2016 Alex John London Philosophy
2015 Yasufumi Iwasaki Modern Languages
2014 Jeria Quesenberry Information Systems
2013 Rebecca Nugent Statistics
2012 Bonnie Youngs Modern Languages
2011 Sharon Carver Psychology
2010 Yueming Yu Modern Languages
2009 Kenneth Kotovsky Psychology
2008 Oded Meyer   Statistics
2007 Larry Heimann Information Systems
2006 Scott Sandage History
2005 Anne Green Modern Languages
2004 Susan Polansky Modern Languages
2003 Silvia Borzutzky Social and Decision Sciences
2002 Robert Cavalier  Philosophy
2001 Daniel P. Resnick History
2000 G. Richard Tucker Modern Languages
1999 Peggy Knapp English
1998 Paul Fischbeck  Social and Decision Sciences
1997 Jim Daniels English
1996 Eugene Levy History
1995 John Miller  Social and Decision Sciences
1994 Michael West  Modern Languages
1993 Richard Young  English
1992 Peter Stearns History
1991 Ann Hayes English
1990 Margaret Clark Psychology
1989 Richard Smith Social and Decision Sciences
1988 Richard Schoenwald History
1987 Joel Greenhouse Statistics
1986 Ludwig Schaefer History
1985 Lois Fowler English
1984 Steven Klepper Social and Decision Sciences
1983 Preston Covey Philosophy
1982 Michael Weber History
1981 John R. Hayes Psychology
1980 Granville Jones English