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The Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences makes news in media outlets far and wide, from local stories on how the college’s research impacts Pittsburgh to faculty experts who weigh in on important national and international issues.

Below is a small sample of recent media coverage.

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December 2021 

CBS Radio | December 16, 2021
The success of failure

NPR Shots | December 16, 2021
As omicron spreads, health experts push for mask mandates. But few states have one

USA Today | December 14, 2021
800,000 US deaths from COVID-19 and counting: 'There's no question we will reach 1 million'

AARP | December 13, 2021
What's Your Pandemic Holiday Risk Tolerance?

The New York Times | December 10, 2021
Are Vaccine Polls Flawed?

Nature | December 8, 2021
What surveys really say

MedPage Today | December 8, 2021
Psychological Barriers May Lead to COVID Vaccine Refusal

WBUR | December 6, 2021
How omission bias affects how people make decisions about getting vaccinated

Energy and Technology | December 3, 2021
Star-crossed, Wi-Fi-enabled lovers

November 2021

New York Times Magazine | November 22, 2021
Inside the C.D.C.’s Pandemic ‘Weather Service’

Fortune | November 8, 2021
Truckers may be exempt from federal vaccine mandates, says Labor Department

October 2021

CNBC| October 30, 2021
How to negotiate the salary for your first job offer

NPR | October 24, 2021
Congressional game theory 

Fortune | October 21, 2021
These industries have low vaccination rates—and that could be a big problem for vaccine mandates

C|Net | October 13, 2021
Black holes and the multiverse: Decoding how physicists' brains work

Discover | October 9, 2021
How Fonts Affect Learning and Memory

Business Insider | October 7, 2021
Women continue to take on the brunt of emotional labor at work. It's time we rewarded them for it.

The Washington Post | October 2, 2021
Many are searching for vaccine mandate loopholes. These are the people trying to stop them.

September 2021

Forbes| September 23, 2021
Best Practices For Using Social Media In Hurricanes And Other Crisis Situations

The Washington Post | September 22, 2021
Decision fatigue: Why it’s so hard to make up your mind these days, and how to make it easier

The Atlantic | September 21, 2021
‘Post-Vax COVID’ Is a New Disease

Bloomberg Wealth | September 16, 2021
BROS, BETZ and DNA: The Race to Claim a Good Ticker and Attract Investors

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | September 13, 2021
The great COVID-19 shot debate: To boost or not to boost?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | September 12, 2021
Other Voices: Social change and ‘The Chair’

The Wall Street Journal | September 7, 2021
How Hackers Use Our Brains Against Us

The New York Times | September 3, 2021
Goodbye to the ‘Office Mom’

Bloomberg Businessweek | August 30, 2021
Misinformation Is Bigger Than Facebook, But Let’s Start There

August 2021

Bloomberg Businessweek | August 30, 2021
Misinformation Is Bigger Than Facebook, But Let’s Start There

Yahoo News | August 29, 2021
More Virginians mask up as aggressive coronavirus strain drives up cases

Popular Science | August 25, 2021
Will Pfizer’s FDA approval spell an uptick in COVID vaccination?

The New York Times | August 19, 2021
Covid Isn’t Going Away. So What Now?

Forbes | August 18, 2021
Facebook Says It Has Removed 20 Million Pieces Of Covid Misinformation—But Sees Signs Vaccine Hesitancy Is Declining

NPR Shots | August 17, 2021
Even Moderate COVID Restrictions Can Slow The Spread Of The Virus — If They're Timely

The Daily Mail | August 14, 2021
Americans with PhDs are the most reluctant to get vaccinated against COVID, study finds

The Atlantic | August 6, 2021
Masks Are Back, Maybe for the Long Term

Pittsburgh Business Times | August 3, 2021
Pitt-CMU study backs sooner, rather than later, Covid mitigation measures

Market Watch | August 2, 2021
Walmart’s vaccine mandate may be a sign of things to come

Market Watch | August 2, 2021
‘I don’t want to lose you’: How families approached their loved ones about the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccination

Financial Times | August 2, 2021
Office chores: time to count the cost of unpaid labour?

The New York Times | July 28, 2021
Wearing Masks Indoors Again? Some States Are a Vehement No.

July 2021

The Washington Post | July 29, 2021
Vaxed, waxed, but definitely not relaxed: Welcome to the pandemic swerve

The Daily Mail | July 28, 2021
Vaccine hesitancy among US adults fell by one-third during early months of 2021 with the number of black Americans saying they were uncertain about Covid shots cut in HALF

The Washington Post | July 24, 2021
How to talk to vaccine-hesitant friends and family about getting the shot

NBC | July 19, 2021
Facebook suggests it's more effective than Biden on vaccinations

The Seattle Times | July 12, 2021
COVID vaccine hesitancy by King County ZIP code — and why some neighborhoods have much higher rates

June 2021

The New York Times | June 25, 2021
Covid-19 News: Israel, a World Leader in Vaccinations, Faces a New Outbreak

Yahoo News | June 23, 2021
Biden’s ‘foreign policy for the middle class’ seen as play for blue-collar votes

The Atlantic | June 1, 2021
America Has a Drinking Problem

May 2021

NBC News | May 25, 2021
They're keeping their masks on. Their reasons extend beyond their health.

Forbes | May 25, 2021
Two Ways To Improve Health Literacy And Tackle The Media ‘Infodemic’

NPR Shots | May 25, 2021
Children's Risk Of Serious Illness From COVID-19 Is As Low As It Is For The Flu

Quanta Magazine | May 17, 2021
Can Machines Control Our Brains?

Marketplace | March 12, 2021
Beer? Crawfish? Baseball tickets? Governments lure vaccine holdouts with perks

CNN | May 13, 2021
Others have tried free doughnuts, beers and gifts cards. Now, Ohio is betting millions to improve its vaccination rate

Business Insider | May 10, 2021
These surprising mind hacks may be our best hope to speed up vaccinations and save us from another lockdown

Futurism | May 4, 2021
Professor Warns of “Nightmare” Bots That Prey on Vulnerable People

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 3, 2021
Pitt and CMU researchers see vaccine hesitancy trends within occupations

WESA | May 3, 2021
Vaccine Hesitancy Highest Among Jobs Like Construction And Farming

Trib Live | May 2, 2021
Doubtful about covid vaccine? It depends on your occupation, study shows

Daily Mail | May 2, 2021
Oregon sees surge in COVID hospitalizations among its unvaccinated youth as Gov. Kate Brown defends throwing state back into lockdown through end of JUNE

April 2021

WPXI | April 30, 2021
Survey finds evidence schools can be a source of coronavirus spread

Scientific American | April 30, 2021
Few Would Fear COVID Vaccines if Policy Makers Explained Their Risks Better

Gizmodo | April 30, 2021
Joe Rogan Walked Back His Vaccine Crap, He Was Probably Sloshed, Who's to Say

New York Times| April 23, 2021
The Pandemic Shrank Our Social Circles. Let’s Keep It That Way.

WESA | April 14, 2021
State Providers Won't Distribute Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine

The Wall Street Journal | April 11, 2021
The Other Reason the Labor Force Is Shrunken: Fear of Covid-19

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 8, 2021
Parnell said to be close to committing for run at U.S. Senate seat

The Atlantic | April 4, 2021
Vaccine Cheat Days Are Adding Up

March 2021

Hudson Mohawk Magazine | March 29, 2021
On Harriet Tubman – A Black Female Patriot: Part 1

Forbes | March 26, 2021
Who Will Head In-Store First After Being Vaccinated? It’s Not Who You Might Think

The Wall Street Journal | March 26, 2021
Robinhood Trader’s Battle Cry: ‘It’s All Just a Game to Me’

Fast Company | March 22, 2021
The next big challenge in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout: Tackling hesitancy

MIT Technology Review | March 22, 2021
The US is about to reach a surprise milestone: too many vaccines, not enough takers

Forbes | March 20, 2021
Are Black And Rural Residents In The South More Vulnerable To Tornadoes Due To Radar Gaps?

Trib Live | March 17, 2021
Pennsylvania sets out to tackle disparities highlighted by pandemic

The Atlantic | March 17, 2021
You’re Not Fully Vaccinated the Day of Your Last Dose

Philadelphia Inquirer | March 17, 2021
Two Pa. prisons have vaccinated more than 70% of inmates. An incentive program may be making a difference.

CBS News | March 15, 2021
Facebook announces new tools to help users get vaccinated

Vox | March 15, 2021
Who isn’t getting vaccinated, and why

The Washington Post | March 14, 2021
Massive Facebook study on users’ doubt in vaccines finds a small group appears to play a big role in pushing the skepticism

The Irish News | March 12, 2021
Missing your hugs? Why touch is so important and can even mean living longer

Psychology Today | March 11, 2021
Sustaining Daily Activity Levels May Offset Depression Risk

Forbes | March 11, 2021
COVID-19 Set America’s Housing Market On Fire. That Could Alter U.S. Politics For A Generation

KDKA | March 10, 2021
Penguins Name Katerina Wu As Data Scientist

CIO | March 9, 2021
7 challenges women face in getting ahead in  IT

Psychology Today | March 4, 2021
Why, Anti-vaxxer?

Vox | March 3, 2021
Covid-19 cases are down, vaccinations are up. But the US shouldn’t declare victory yet.

February 2021

WESA | February 23, 2021
New Guidelines Meant To Boost Vaccine Distribution Could Hinder Some Providers

The Atlantic | February 18, 2021
What Americans Don’t Know About Their Medications

The World University Rankings | February 18, 2021
The shift online gives new significance to the pen v laptop debate

Popular Science | February 17, 2021
We’ve barely made a dent in vaccinating the world against COVID-19

Trib Live | February 15, 2021
Silver Eye Center for Photography creates list of artists worth watching

Artnet News | February 15, 2021
Hollywood Has the ‘Black List’ for Undiscovered Screenplays. Now, Photography Has a ‘Silver List’ for Up-and-Coming Photographers

Vanity Fair | February 11, 2021
Introducing the Inaugural Silver List, Featuring 47 Exciting Contemporary Photographers Whose Work You Just Have to See

Washington Post | February 11, 2021
Researchers identify social factors inoculating some communities against coronavirus

Psychology Today | February 9 2021
Can Optimism Get You Through These Tough Times?

ZDNet | February 9, 2021
Facebook outlines plans to assist in global COVID-19 vaccine rollout

CBS Sunday Morning | February 7, 2021
Orchestrating the roar of the crowd

The Philadelphia Inquirer | February 6, 2021
Experts spent months on a fair COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan, only to witness ‘a chaotic free-for-all’

NPR Shots | February 6, 2021
Why The Pandemic Is 10 Times Worse Than You Think

MIT Technology Review | February 5, 2021
Predictive policing is still racist—whatever data it uses

The Smithsonian Magazine | February 4, 2021
The Powerful, Complicated Legacy of Betty Friedan’s ‘The Feminine Mystique’

The New York Times | January 31, 2021
The Gerrymander Battles Loom, as G.O.P. Looks to Press Its Advantage

Bloomberg | January 30, 2021
How the QAnon Conspiracy Seduces Normal People

Spotify | January 28, 2021
Dissecting QAnon

January 2021

Forbes | January 28, 2021
Tennessee Reports Record-Breaking Gun Sale Background Checks In 2020

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 28, 2021
COVID-19 update: Allegheny County reports 135 deaths, blames state backlog

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 25, 2021
Gun, ammo sales surged in 2020 — and turmoil around the election starts 2021 off the same way

WBUR | January 22, 2021
Historians Reflect On The White House Presidential Transition

Fast Company | January 21, 2021
‘He’s like Tony Stark and she’s like my mom’: How workplace praise diverges between men and women

Forbes | January 18, 2021
People Make Informed Decisions In a Pandemic?

Quartz | January 17, 2021
The mindfulness business is thriving on our anxiety

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 17, 2021
Ahead of Inauguration Day, an appeal for unity: ‘Somehow, some way, heal this divide in our country’

The National Interest | January 5, 2021
Why America Needs a Strategy for America’s Backyard

USA Today | January 2, 2021
Nashville bombing reveals US communication networks' vulnerability; officials demand answers on how to secure them

Makers India | January 2, 2021
7 Mistakes Women Make While Negotiating Salaries

Fox News | January 2, 2021
Reports: China offered bounties on US troops 

Washington Post | January 1, 2021
Sneezed on, cussed at, ignored: Airline workers battle mask resistance with scant government backup

Media Coverage Archives

December 2020

Popular Science | December 29, 2020
Ending the pandemic means vaccinating the whole world—but the US is focusing on itself

KDKA | December 22, 2020
Difficult Decisions Ahead For Hospitals And States As Coronavirus Cases Surge, ICUs Fill

The New York Times | December 14, 2020
Why Paying People to Be Vaccinated Could Backfire

NPR Shots | December 11, 2020
Without Clear Pandemic Rules, People Take On More Risks As Fear And Vigilance Wane

Barrons | December 11, 2020
4 Common Mistakes That Could Derail Your Retirement —and How to Avoid Them

EdSurge | December 10, 2020
The Next Frontier of Learning Engineering: AI That Teaches Other AI

Market Place | December 7, 2020
What it will take to persuade people to get a COVID-19 vaccine

Discover | December 6, 2020
What Can the Pandemic Teach Us About Human Nature?

November 2020

WKMS | November 27, 2020
Why Asking People To Change Their Behavior During The Pandemic Is So Hard

U.S. News & World Report | November 24, 2020
Thanksgiving Could Make or Break US Coronavirus Response

WESA | November 23, 2020
'It's So Irresponsible': County Executive On Plum Borough School District, COVID-19 Restrictions

New York Times | November 23, 2020
Can an Algorithm Prevent Suicide?

Huffington Post | November 17, 2020
The Most Common Ways COVID-19 Will Spread During The Holidays

Next Pittsburgh | November 10, 2020
A protest to one is a riot to another. CMU studies the polarization of our words

Trib Live | November 9, 2020
Western Pa. ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants have fond memories of Alex Trebek

Trib Live | November 9, 2020
Seton Hill’s annual Kristallnacht remembrance service will be virtual

WPXI | November 8, 2020
Former ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant, Connellsville native remembers Alex Trebek

Huffington Post | November 6, 2020
7 Little Ways To Feel A Sense Of Normalcy Right Now

WESA | November 3 2020
Women Voters Could Decide Presidential Election, But Don’t Vote As A Bloc

ProPublica | November 2, 2020
How Your Brain Tricks You Into Taking Risks During the Pandemic

The Wall Street Journal | October 31, 2020
From ‘Fall Guys’ to ‘Among Us,’ How America Turned to Videogames Under Lockdown

October 2020

The Hill | October 30, 2020
Election, COVID-19 anxiety spark new run on grocery stores

Trib Live | October 28, 2020
Carnegie Mellon study finds severe polarization in political language 

The Conversation | October 28, 2020
Fox News viewers write about ‘BLM’ the same way CNN viewers write about ‘KKK’

Men’s Health | October 28, 2020
This Tool Lets You See Which States Have the Highest (and Lowest) Number of Mask Wearers

Times of India | October 27, 2020
Touch deprivation: Will the pandemic make hugs disappear?

Philadelphia Inquirer | October 26, 2020
Once a COVID-19 vaccine is here, there will be a new challenge: Convincing people it’s safe

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 26, 2020
In race between Conor Lamb and Sean Parnell, a referendum on a moderate Democrat in Trump's Washington

Axios | October 23, 2020
How to help save 130,000 lives

The Washington Post | October 23, 2020
A powerful argument for wearing a mask, in visual form

Wired | October 21, 2020
The Left and the Right Speak Different Languages—Literally

Pittsburgh Business Times | October 20, 2020
Pitt experts talk about how to convince people to get Covid-19 vaccine

The Hill | October 20, 2020
Poland moves closer to the US, another Trump foreign policy success

The Washington Post | October 15, 2020
Power Up: Early voting is way up in key states as Democrats flock to the polls

WESA | October 15, 2020
CMU's COVIDcast Is Tracking Face Mask Use Across The Nation

Foreign Affairs | October 13, 2020
Should U.S. Foreign Policy Focus on Great-Power Competition?

NBC News | October 12, 2020
Early voting begins in Georgia with long lines, high turnout

Philadelphia Inquirer | October 12, 2020
In one Shore town, four restaurants have closed temporarily after reporting COVID-19 exposure

Philadelphia Inquirer | October 12, 2020
Don’t know any COVID-19 patients who’ve died or been in the hospital? That may explain a lot.

Forbes | October 11, 2020
Strike The Right Tone, Get The Right Compensation: Negotiation Tips For Executives

The Atlantic | October 9, 2020
What Strength Really Means When You’re Sick

Fast Company | October 8, 2020
When you need to give tough feedback, forget Zoom and pick up the phone

Axios | October 7, 2020
Medical ethics in pandemic times

Nature | October 6, 2020
Face masks: what the data say

Broadway World | October 5, 2020
Syracuse Stage’s POETRY & PLAY Moves Online With Nationally Acclaimed Poets

Fox News | October 3, 2020
Chinese media: Trump, first lady have 'paid the price' for virus gamble

National Geographic | October 1, 2020
Want to reduce your COVID-19 risk? You need to sleep more.

September 2020

Fox Business News | September 22, 2020
The US Senate has a ‘responsibility’ to fill SCOTUS seat: Kiron Skinner

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | September 20, 2020
Supreme Court fight raises stakes, and risks, in Pa. battleground campaigns

Popular Science | September 17, 2020
A coronavirus vaccine will save more lives if we share it widely

Market Place | September 16, 2020
Will it work to fine people who refuse to wear a mask?

The National Interest | September 14, 2020
Arab Unity in the Middle East Can Be a Barrier to Iran’s Regional Goals

Los Angeles Times | September 13, 2020
Op-Ed: How to get through to your risk-taking friends in the COVID-19 pandemic

The New York Times | September 9, 2020
‘Impossible Objects’ That Reveal a Hidden Power

The National Interest | September 7, 2020
The Belarus Uprising: A Repeat of Ukraine?

The Washington Post | September 7, 2020
Deep cleans and disinfecting mists might not keep us from getting the virus, but they sure make us feel better

Pittsburgh Business Times | September 4, 2020
NOVID app works 'like weather radar,' but for Covid-19

Yahoo News | September 2
Are Corners Being Cut to Rush a Vaccine to Market?

KNX1070 | September 1
Alex John London Discusses Vaccine Safety

August 2020

The New York Times | August 31, 2020
In an Era of Face Masks, We’re All a Little More Face Blind

The National Interest | August 28, 2020
Why Donald Trump Needs a Supportive State Department

Quanta Magazine | August 27, 2020
How Close Are Computers to Automating Mathematical Reasoning?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 26, 2020
CMU refuses to cave

WESA | August 24, 2020
COVID Communication Confusion Can Be Cleared Up, Says CMU Professor

New York Daily News | August 22, 2020
What right to vote? There’s a lie at the heart of American democracy

USA Today | August 21, 2020
5 movies, TV shows to watch to mark the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment

The National Interest | August 21, 2020
Is Belarus Destined to Become the Next Crimea?

The Hill | August 20, 2020
Why would our allies allow an enemy like Iran to rearm?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 20, 2020
CMU President: Human Resources 'fully and appropriately' followed procedures in hiring of Richard Grenell

Trib Live | August 20, 2020
Letter to the editor: Grenell opening doors for gay Republicans 

WBUR | August 18, 2020
100 Years Later: The Complicated History Of The Women's Suffrage Movement

USA Today | August 15, 2020
Some people listen to health experts, others ignore them: What it means for America's future with COVID-19

The Verge | August 11, 2020
Russia rushes registration of unproven coronavirus vaccine

New York Times | August 10, 2020
Ambition Has Always Been ‘Ladylike’

Indian Express | August 10, 2020
Explained: How language leads to gender bias in science

Boston Globe | August 8, 2020
The generation that won WWII made the world a better place. Better, but not perfect

The Peninsula | August 8, 2020
Opportunities for language education in a post-pandemic world

Forbes | August 7, 2020
New Study Reveals 25 Most Gender-Biased Languages And Career Impact

Stat | August 7, 2020
As mindfulness app Headspace booms, its popularity outpaces its scientific evidence

Fast Company | August 6, 2020
These are the most gender-biased languages in the world (hint: English has a problem)

The Verge | August 4, 2020
We can’t skip steps on the road to a COVID-19 vaccine

Scientific American | August 3, 2020
How Dozens of Languages Help Build Gender Stereotypes

July 2020

Los Angeles Times | July 31, 2020
No adrenaline buzz? No more choking? How no fans in the stands affects athletes

Broadway World | July 30, 2020
August Events Announced at National WWI Museum and Memorial

PBS | July 29, 2020
‘Caution fatigue’ and the stress behind living through a pandemic

The Economist | July 25, 2020
Two books penetrate the mystery and evoke the tragedy of Tibet

Washington Examiner | July 22, 2020
A personal COVID-19 radar could be key to resuming daily life

The Wallstreet Journal | July 20, 2020
Isolating the Elderly Is Bad for Their Health

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | July 18, 2020
Cognitive load, pheromones and ‘FIFA’: How will pro sports handle crowd noise in 2020?

Fast Company | July 13, 2020
How susceptible are you to COVID-19? These simple hacks could help fight it

WESA | July 9, 2020
As The Pandemic Continues, Advocates Say An Extended Ban On Evictions Is Needed

NPR | July 8, 2020
History Professors Find Letter Showing Frederick Douglass' Opinion On Lincoln Statue

Vox | July 7, 2020
The scariest thing about global warming (and Covid-19)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | July 5, 2020
David M. Shribman: Frederick Douglass' July 5 words are germane to our time

The Guardian | July 5, 2020
Discovery of Frederick Douglass letter sheds light on contested Lincoln statue 

The Wall Street Journal | July 4, 2020
How a Lincoln-Douglass Debate Led to Historic Discovery

The Ladders | July 3, 2020
Study finds all people, and even monkeys, share similar thought patterns

Ladders | July 3, 2020
Study finds all people, and even monkeys, share similar thought patterns

WPXI | July 2, 2020
11 Investigates COVID-19 contact tracing apps and concerns over your privacy

Wired | July 1, 2020
Where Should Covid-19 Vaccines Be Tested? It's a Moving Target

June 2020

The Smithsonian Magazine | June 30, 2020
What Frederick Douglass Had to Say About Monuments

The Economist | June 27, 2020
Economists grapple with their race problem

Forbes | June 26, 2020
Top 10 Protests Coming To Campus And What It Means For Higher Education

Trib Live | June 24, 2020
Editorial: CMU should be able to handle a Richard Grenell

Bloomberg | June 24, 2020
Five Ways to Get Through the Summer If Camp Is Closed

The Wall Street Journal | June 19, 2020
Book Review: How the Revolution Took Tibet

MarketPlace | June 17, 2020
A soap opera leads the way into post-lockdown Hollywood

NPR | June 16, 2020
Besides Feelings Of Loneliness, What Else Does Isolation Do To Us?

WESA | June 15, 2020
CMU Psychologist Studies Effects of Isolation During The Pandemic

Trib Live | June 12, 2020
Richard Grenell, former U.S. ambassador and acting national intelligence director, joins CMU’s Institute for Politics and Strategy

Washington Post | June 12, 2020
White students exposed to more minority peers are less likely to register as Republicans, study says

AP | June 11, 2020
Historical figures reassessed after George Floyd’s death

Vogue | June 10, 2020
‘The Beauty Black Communities Create in Order to Survive’: 14 Films to Watch Now

Washington Post | June 9, 2020
You’ve got mail: What does your email signature file say about you?

The Irish Times | June 8, 2020
Róisín Ingle: My daughter hugged my mother then apologised. It's how we live now

Inside Higher Ed | June 8, 2020
Rush to Publish Risks Undermining COVID-19 Research

People Who Read People: Understanding human behavior | June 6, 2020
#19: Identifying thought patterns in brain scans, with Dr. Marcel Just

Tech Crunch | June 5, 2020
Demonstrating 15 contact tracing and other tools built to mitigate the impact of COVID-19

AdWeek | June 3, 2020
Facebook Details New Data for Good Initiatives Related to Covid-19

MarketWatch | June 2, 2020
‘People probably aren’t going to react kindly or openly to being policed’: How to deal with someone who refuses wear a face mask

Inc. | June 2, 2020
How to Add a Covid Surcharge Without Alienating Customers

May 2020

Insider | May 24, 2020
How to make good enough choices during the coronavirus pandemic, since making risk-free decisions is impossible

The Baltimore Sun | May 22, 2020
'A little piece of normal’: With Maryland creaking open, families left to navigate how far to venture out

Education Week | May 19, 2020
What Soldiers, Doctors, and Professors Can Teach Us About Artificial Intelligence During COVID-19

The Scientist | May 19, 2020
Losing Touch: Another Drawback of the COVID-19 Pandemic

MIT Technology Review | May 20, 2020
How to stay sane when the world’s going mad

Business Insider | May 18, 2020
7 benefits of meditation, and how it can affect your brain

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 18, 2020
CMU film festival opening movie now available to stream

US News and World Report | May 14, 2020
States Begin to Reopen During COVID Crisis, but Not Everyone Feels Ready

Scientific American | May 13, 2020
Prediction Tools Can Save Lives in the COVID-19 Crisis

Nieman Foundation | May 12, 2020
A poet’s distanced farewell to his students is an anthem for the times

Deseret News | May 12, 2020
Losing touch: What 6 feet of safety costs us

KDKA | May 12, 2020
‘NOVID’: CMU Professor Creates Anonymous Coronavirus Contact Tracing App

Salon | May 9, 2020
As colleges go remote, students revolt against the state of higher ed

Seattle Times | May 9, 2020
Clinical trial enrollment plummets as volunteers are scared off coronavirus drugs promoted by Trump

Quartz | May 8, 2020
Regulators would consider releasing an unapproved coronavirus vaccine

Trib Live | May 4, 2020
Carnegie Mellon’s COVIDcast site displays real-time data on pandemic in the U.S.

Spectrum | May 4, 2020
Autistic people may have trouble tuning out distractions

Quartz | May 1, 2020
Scientists want to see the evidence that shows remdesivir works for Covid-19

Consumer Reports | May 1, 2020
How Consumer Data Is Being Used to Track the Coronavirus

Fast Company | May 1, 2020
Contact tracing apps are on the way. Will they help us get back to normal?

April 2020

Washington Post | April 30, 2020
Antibody tests might be deceptively dangerous. Blame the math.

Washington Post | April 28, 2020
What will the covid-19 memorial look like?

Slate | April 27, 2020
A New Approach to Getting Real-Time Coronavirus Stats

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 28, 2020
'Maker & Muse' jewelry inspires poets in virtual reading

Public Source | April 27, 2020
COVID-19 is a nuclear blast for Pittsburgh Public Schools. We need to work with the realities and plan long term.

ABC News | April 27, 2020
Injecting healthy adults with live coronavirus provides moral dilemma, faster path to vaccine

Pittsburgh Post Gazette | April 24, 2020
Are homemade face masks effective in protecting against COVID-19?

Scientific American | April 24, 2020
Shortcuts in COVID-19 Drug Research Could Do Long-Term Harm, Bioethicists Worry

European Pharmaceutical Review | April 24, 2020
Research focus should remain on high quality studies during COVID-19 pandemic, say scientists

KDKA | April 23, 2020
‘There Was An Assumption We Would Be Prepared’: CMU Professor Says U.S. Didn’t Have Public Health Infrastructure In Place To Mitigate Pandemic Fallout 

Axios | April 23, 2020
The high stakes of low scientific standards

CBS Pittsburgh | April 23, 2020
Coronavirus Coverage: Is The United States Going To Issue ‘Immunity Certificates?’ How Do You Get One?

CNN | April 22, 2020
Coronavirus: Facebook launches UK Covid-19 symptom survey

TribLive | April 21, 2020
CMU develops contact tracing app using ultrasound technology 

Good Morning America | April 20, 2020
Mark Zuckerberg explains plans for Facebook health surveys to research and combat coronavirus

The Conversation | April 20, 2020
Hand-washing and distancing don’t have tangible benefits – so keeping up these protective behaviors for months will be tricky 

Forbes | April 19, 2020
Serendipity Lost? How All-Digital Engagements Reshape Innovation

Society for Cultural Anthropology | April 16, 2020
Seeing Indigenous Land Struggles in the “Multispecies Cloud” of Covid-19

NPR | April 16, 2020
Opinion: Iran's Aggression Continues Even Amid Coronavirus And 'Maximum Pressure'

CNN | April 16, 2020
Dating at a Distance: Dr. Sanjay Gupta's coronavirus podcast for April 16

The Chronicle of Higher Education | April 15, 2020
The Discipline That Is Transforming Higher Ed

Forbes | April 14, 2020
AI Is Helping Us Combat The Economic Problem Of Human Trafficking

Forbes | April 14, 2020
How College Campus Closings Are Affecting Graduating Seniors

Irish Times | April 11, 2020
Love in the time of coronavirus: Keeping relationships alive during lockdown

Time | April 10, 2020
The Coronavirus Outbreak Keeps Humans from Touching. Here's Why That's So Stressful

Forbes | April 10, 2020
Beware The “Shock Market”: How To Think And Act During The Pandemic

Route Fifty | April 10, 2020
Why We Don’t Have Enough Backup Ventilators

Market Watch | April 10, 2020
10 ways to get a coronavirus skeptic to take the pandemic seriously: ‘Anecdotes are much more convincing than statistics’

CNN | April 9, 2020
Long-term social distancing may be traumatic. Here is what to expect and what to do 

WESA | April 8, 2020
Resources For Those In Need Of Housing Support, Financial Assistance And Other Aid 

The Economist | April 4, 2020
The hard choices covid policymakers face

Financial Times | April 3, 2020
Can data save us from coronavirus? 

Psychology Today | April 3, 2020
Neuroscience Explains How a Narcissist Can Control Our Brain

Science News | April 2, 2020
How large a gathering is too large during the coronavirus pandemic?

Venture Beat | April 2, 2020
Surveillance, AI, and saving lives top agenda at coronavirus conference 

The Jakarta Times | April 1, 2020
Coronavirus anxiety is a thing: Here’s how to handle it

March 2020

WESA | March 30, 2020
Don't Forget To Tip: Pittsburgh Virtual Tip Jar Boosts Unemployed Service Workers 

Quartz | March 28, 2020
The race to develop coronavirus treatments pushes the ethics of clinical trials

Science Magazine | March 27, 2020
University of Rochester and plaintiffs settle sexual harassment lawsuit for $9.4 million

New York Times | March 26, 2020
How Many Americans Have Coronavirus? New Reuters Poll Might Offer a Hint

Pittsburgh Tribune Review | March 26, 2020
Grants available to small businesses impacted by coronavirus

KDKA | March 25, 2020
‘Nobody Wants To Make These Decisions’: Who Gets A Ventilator In The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Market Watch | March 25, 2020
How do you choose between the US economy and more coronavirus deaths? Measuring the cost of human life

CNN | March 23, 2020
Is going to the beach OK? What about hiking?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 22, 2020
During COVID-related gun-buying frenzy, many are first-time owners

Pittsburgh City Paper | March 21, 2020
New fundraising campaign to help Pittsburgh's out-of-work food and service workers

New York Times | March 19, 2020
Op-Art: What Do We Lose When We Stop Touching Each Other?

Pittsburgh Business Times | March 19, 2020
Carnegie Mellon initiative demonstrates the flood of service industry employees out of work

Quartz | March 19, 2020
Ethicists agree on who gets treated first when hospitals are overwhelmed by coronavirus 

The Atlantic | March 17, 2020
The People Ignoring Social Distancing

Vice | March 17, 2020
How Not to Be a Coronavirus Jerk

TechXplor | March 17, 2020
Why people delay software updates, despite the risks

Pittsburgh City Paper | March 16, 2020
Pittsburgh Virtual Tip Jar launches to help service workers during coronavirus closures

Slate | March 16, 2020
Straight-up berating people with facts about COVID-19 won’t work. Taking advantage of social norms might.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 16, 2020
U.S. needs better risk communication

The Daily Item | March 14, 2020
Little public scrutiny of 104 suicides behind walls of PA county jails

Los Angeles Times | March 11, 2020
Why you should stop obsessing about coronavirus news, and how to do it

New York Times | March 10, 2020
Can I Boost My Immune System? 

Scientific American | March 10, 2020
Mind Reading and Mind Control Technologies Are Coming

USA Today | March 9, 2020 offers free search to find your family link to women’s suffrage history

Forbes | March 7, 2020
Ancestry Commemorates Milestones In The Fight For Women's Voting Equality And Invites Everyone To Find Their Personal Place In Suffrage History With Their 'Make Them Count' Initiative

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 5, 2020
Tech site that provides money, help to families in crisis wins UpPrize competition

The New Yorker | March 2, 2020
The Global Panic Over Coronavirus

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 1, 2020
Brian O'Neill: Poems about the moon are going to the moon

February 2020

CNN | February 27, 2020
Should you travel during the coronavirus outbreak?

USA Today | February 27, 2020
Coronavirus and its global sweep stokes fear over facts. Experts say it's unlikely to produce 'apocalyptic scenario'

Business Insider | February 26, 2020
How to cope with coronavirus anxiety, according to psychologists

CNN | February 20, 2020
MoonArk will be a philosophical mini-museum, left on the moon for future explorers to discover

The New York Times | February 18, 2020
Video Chats and Ordering In: Coronavirus Quarantine With a Smartphone

The Verge | February 14, 2020
Coronavirus cancellations show evidence-based decisions are rare

American Psychological Association | February 13, 2020
Speaking of Psychology: Coronavirus Anxiety

Edsurge | February 7, 2020
Yes, I Hug My Students. Research Says You Should Too.

Trib Live | February 6, 2020
Monroeville teen recognized for poem at CMU writing competition

WESA | February 5, 2020
Remembering Quentin: Actor And Archivist Stage Show To Keep A Gay Icon's Legacy Alive

Harvard Business Review | February 3, 2020
How Digital Design Drives User Behavior

January 2020

Pittsburgh Business Times | January 31, 2020
Pittsburgh startups stand out in global contest, will compete for $3M prize

Fox News | January 26, 2020
Eric Shawn: Iran 'crying for help' from President Trump's policies

Trib Live | January 22, 2020
New report shows liberal arts education has a higher return on investment

WESA | January 20, 2020
CMU Profs Take A Global Look At Women In Computer Science In New Book

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 19, 2020
Honest. Daring. Eloquent.

Pittsburgh City Paper | January 13, 2020
Headspace's River City “sleepcast” lulls listeners with dreamy descriptions of Pittsburgh

Public Source | January 13, 2020
Not good enough for whom? Pittsburgh is a place worth fighting for

Bloomberg News | January 13, 2020
Behavioral Economics’ Latest Bias: Seeing Bias Wherever It Looks

The Chronicle of Higher Education | January 12, 2020
Where Do History and English Majors Come From?

WESA | January 6, 2020
CMU Professor Authors 'Sleepcast,' Set In Dreamy Pittsburgh

December 2019

The Washington Post | December 27, 2019
There are stark racial disparities in voting times. Here’s how to fix them.

The Washington Post | December 27, 2019
Five myths about the lottery

The Los Angeles Times | December 23, 2019
Norman Lear, creator of Archie Bunker, is shocked at Trump and the state of America

The Guardian | December 22, 2019
Romania comes to terms with monument to communism 30 years after Ceausescu’s death

The Daily Telegraph | December 20, 2019
Why screen time isn't always bad for your children

MIT Technology Review | December 19, 2019
How iPads might actually help kids learn to read

The Economist | December 18, 2019
Can technology plan economies and destroy democracy?

The New York Times | December 12, 2019
This Helmet Will Save Football. Actually, Probably Not.

Pittsburgh City Paper | December 11, 2019
Professor of history pens book about homegrown Mayor Sophie Masloff

STAT | December 10, 2019
I thought patriarchy in science was fading. Then I saw it in the data

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | December 9, 2019 
‘Sophie’ biography explores struggles, success of Pittsburgh’s Mayor Masloff

Jacobin | December 4, 2019
The Power of the Black Working Class

Philadelphia Magazine | December 2, 2019
After a Heart Attack, This Bucks County Woman Hugged Her Way Across America

November 2019

ABC News | November 29, 2019 
'Tis the season to shop for health insurance. Here's your checklist

Quartz | November 26, 2019
Smartphone data shows black Americans wait longer to vote

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | November 25, 2019
Carnegie Mellon scientists read emotions in the brain

CBS News | November 24, 2019
Scientists are using MRI scans to reveal the physical makeup of our thoughts and feelings

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | November 24, 2019
David M. Shribman: The lessons of 'Areopagitica'

The Jerusalem Post | November 21, 2019
Former high State Dept official: There is a Trump Doctrine

The Jerusalem Post | November 20, 2019
Time to rekindle the tradition of mutual support

NOVA | November 20, 2019
The Violence Paradox

Pittsburgh Quarterly | November 20, 2019
An Uncommon Life in an Oridinary Place

Pittsburgh Post Gazette | November 20, 2019
'Cracking the digital ceiling:' CMU professors' book looks at computing around the world

New Scientist | November 20, 2019
Grand unified game theory can represent all two-player games

The New York Times | November 19, 2019
How the Brain Can Rewire Itself After Half of It Is Removed

Gulf News | November 16, 2019
Diabetes-related stress more harmful for young adults

Forbes | November 16, 2019
Gender Differences In Math Ability Just Don’t Add Up

Trib Live | November 14, 2019
Free meditation offered inside giant inflatable bubble at Schenley Plaza

Pittsburgh Post Gazette | November 14, 2019
These students want to learn to drop their Yinzer dialect when needed n'at

CNN | November 8, 2019
Brain scans don't lie: The minds of girls and boys are equal in math

Huffington Post | November 5, 2019
The Environmental Impact Of Your Thanksgiving Dinner

The Wall Street Journal | November 4, 2019
What Investors Can Learn From the Best Poker Players

Fast Company | November 1, 2019
3 unexpected benefits of using mindfulness apps

October 2019

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 31, 2019
Pittsburgh's Lindsey Shultz takes on powerhouse opponent in 'Jeopardy' tournament

New York Times | October 30, 2019
How to be a better friend

Los Angeles times | October 27, 2019
Opinion: I study terrorism. A white supremacist attack in my neighborhood woke me up to dangers at home

Analytics India | October 25, 2019
Watch: Top 10 TED Talks on Data Science

Ladders | October 21, 2019
This study explains why women feel the need to apologize so much

Tech Explore | October 21, 2019
Study shows regulators are allowing utilities higher returns

New York Daily News | October 18, 2019
Stressed-out college students are sleeping less than ever. Meditation apps claim to help

MIT Technology Review | October 18, 2019
Technology exposed Syrian war crimes over and over. Was it for nothing?

Wired | October 17, 2019
The NFL's Helmet Tests Are Brainless

Philadelphia Inquirer | October 15, 2019
Stressed-out college students are sleeping less than ever. Meditation apps claim to help.

Bloomberg Businessweek | October 9, 2019
Tesla’s Autopilot Could Save the Lives of Millions, But It Will Kill Some People First

Pittsburgh City Paper | October 9, 2019
Jane Bernstein's The Face Tells the Secret explores the repercussions of knowing nothing

WESA | October 4, 2019
Acclaimed Author Of African-American Experience Returns To Hometown For A Rare Reading Here

Hindustantimes | October 2, 2019
How Gandhi sparked solidarity across religion, race, nation and gender

Mumbai Mirror | October 1, 2019
The glass is half full

LiveMint | October 1, 2019
Gandhi and ghee: Two lessons on diet and politics

September 2019

India Today | September 27, 2019
Mahatma Gandhi's experiments with food

Forbes | September 25, 2019
How Even Professional Investors Get Their Sell Decisions Wrong

Forbes | September 24, 2019
The Evidence-Based Daily Habit That Can Boost the Quality Of Your Life

U.S.News | September 24, 2019
Humanizing the Arab World in America

Trib Live | September 20, 2019
Carnegie Library, CMU help Book Fairies in fight against banned books

City Lab | September 19, 2019
The Forgotten Urbanists of 19th-Century Boomtowns

Gulf Times | September 16, 2019
Carnegie Mellon Qatar welcomes new faculty members for 2019-20

Book Riot | September 12, 2019
Don’t Mourn, Organize! 9 More Books About The U.S. Labor Movement

The Buffalo News | September 9, 2019
Sherry Margolis: A life of love, loss and resilience

Science Friday | September 6, 2019
Randall Munroe, Football Concussion Research

Futurity | September 6, 2019
Book Offers 5 Ways to Improve Jewish Education

BroadWay World | September 5, 2019
Recipients Of The 2019 American Poets Prizes Announced

USAToday | September 6, 2019
Money trolls: Why are we so judgmental about other people's finances?

City Newspaper | September 4, 2019
Judge declines to dismiss suit against the UR

June 2019

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | June 16, 2019
Don’t dump that lemonade cup: Green Team knows in and outs of keeping Arts Fest eco-friendly

My Fitness Pal | June 15, 2019
How Social Wellness Improves Your Health

Essence | June 14, 2019
Reckoning With Slavery in France

WYPL-FM | June 14, 2019
Epileptic Children Retaining Visual Perception Following Brain Surgery and Third Phase of Catalyst For A Cure In Glaucoma Research

WQED | June 13, 2019
Our Compelling Interests: Out of Many Faiths

Good Housekeeping | June 12, 2019
What Is the Gender Wage Gap? | June 12, 2019
Accessible Design and Culture: Why it’s Better for Business and All Your Users

Wall Street Journal | June 11, 2019
What Do Students Want From Employers?

Forbes | June 11, 2019
Does Race Help Us Understand The U.S.-China Trade War?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | June 11, 2019
Know your worth: Career experts reveal how to ask for and get a raise

Pittsburgh Tribune Review | June 10, 2019
WQED airs town hall on religious diversity

Technology Networks | June 5, 2019
Children’s Brains Dramatically Rewire to Retain Perception After Epilepsy Surgery

Newsweek | June 4, 2019
Epileptic girl who had half her brain removed can read after organ rewired itself

Global News Canada | June 4, 2019
Super Awesome Science Show: Me, Myself and AI

The Post and Courier | June 2, 2019
As teen suicide rates rise, brain imaging is starting to answer questions of why

Tech Crunch | June 1, 2019
Meet the first private companies that NASA has selected to deliver stuff and things to the moon

May 2019 | May 31, 2019
Deliberative forum on the issue of abortion tackles restrictions

Today | May 29, 2019
Bored with life? What to do when you’re in a rut

Thrive Global | May 23, 2019
The Stress of Caregivers

Pittsburgh Business Times | May 21, 2019
Carnegie Mellon adds two members to Board of Trustees

NEXT Pittsburgh | May 20, 2019
CMU and RoboTutor are educating thousands of kids in East Africa

The Atlantic | May 17, 2019
Why Do Schools Read Everyone’s Name at Graduation?

WITF | May 16, 2019
It isn’t easy being green: New research explores potential downside of nudging people to behave differently

Pittsburgh Business Times | May 16, 2019
CMU spinout RoboTutor comes up short in Global Learning Challenge

Scientific American | May 15, 2019
Brain-Controlled Hearing Aids Could Cut through Crowd Noise

Tech Crunch | May 15, 2019
Xprize names two grand prize winners in $15 million Global Learning Challenge

Ars Technica | May 13, 2019
People drop support for a carbon tax when getting less effective “nudges”

Brides | May 10, 2019
Study Finds Posting About Your Partner on Social Media Creates More Intimate Relationships

VentureBeat | May 8, 2019
Pearl raises $11 million to analyze dental scans with AI

Vox | May 8, 2019
The mess that is elite college admissions, explained by a former dean

Pittsburgh City Paper | May 7, 2019
French artist Alexis Peskine uses nails like brush strokes to illustrate the global Black experience

The Science Times | May 6, 2019
Neuroscience and Computer Vision Collaborate to Better Understand Visual Information Processing

Forbes | May 4, 2019
How to Overcome Islamophobia In Your Workplace

HuffPost | May 4, 2019
Muslim Man Was Fired When He Spoke Up About Mistreatment By His Boss

QRUIS | May 4, 2019
You can’t ignore what you already know — unless you really want to

CBS This Morning | May 2, 2019
Brain scans show promise in spotting suicidal thoughts

April 2019

Washington Post | April 30, 2019
Suicides spiked in the months after Netflix released ’13 Reasons Why,’ study finds

Pittsburgh Business Times | April 30, 2019
Personalities of Pittsburgh: Bill Garrison of advertising agency Garrison Hughes

The Wrap | April 30, 2019
Youth Suicides Jumped 29% in the Month After ’13 Reasons Why’ Released, Study Finds

AV News | April 30, 2019
Study says teen suicides increased after 13 Reasons Why, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything

The Economist | April 27, 2019
Why investors are careful buyers but careless sellers

Inside Higher Ed | April 24, 2019
Faculty Competencies for Innovation?

WESA | April 18, 2019
CAR-Nuh-Gie Or Car-NAY-Gie? Depends On Where You're From

The New Yorker | April 12, 2019
The Campaign to Remove A Shocking Painting From the French National Assembly

The Observers | April 12, 2019
French National Assembly criticised for mural depicting racist stereotypes

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 11, 2019
Brian O’Neill: Hyperloop? The ‘train of the future’ has already left Pittsburgh

Feminism in India | April 11, 2019
Negotiating in the Workplace: 5 Tips That Work For Women

The Atlantic | April 10, 2019
Can We Touch?

Pittsburgh Business Times | April 5, 2019
Can this app teach MBA students conflict resolution?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 4, 2019
A Night at the Gaslight concert will showcase ‘the new Dylan’

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 4, 2019
A North Side startup is using facial recognition to help law enforcement catch sex traffickers

Bustle | April 3, 2019
7 Fascinating Things Nobody Ever Taught You About Your Immune System

March 2019

Newsweek | March 26, 2019
Parkland and Sandy Hook Suicides: What Scientists Know About How Brain Scans Can Detect Suicidal Thoughts, Risks

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 24, 2019
David M. Shribman: The Periodic Table: Roadmap to the universe

Pittsburgh City Paper | March 21, 2019
CMU International Film Fest: Girls Always Happy

Times of India | March 18, 2019
Loneliness is bad for your health, this app may help

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 16, 2019
Modern atheism’s Mount Rushmore comes together in ‘The Four Horsemen’

Psychology Today | March 15, 2019
Talk Is Cheap: Four Do’s and Don’ts for Avoiding Cheap Talk

NPR | March 15, 2019
Social Media Companies Struggle To Pull Livestreamed Video of Mass Shootings

The Chronicle of Higher Education | March 13, 2019
Higher Education and the Illusion of Meritocracy

The Wall Street Journal | March 12, 2019
Pittsburgh Air-Quality Problem Recalls the Bad Old Days

The Economic Times, India | March 12, 2019
Want to build a healthy relationship? Include your better half in social media posts

Wall Street Journal Magazine | March 6, 2019
A Day in the Life of Everlane CEO Michael Preysman

February 2019

The Atlantic | Feb. 24, 2019
Gandhi’s Vision for Equality Involved Raw Food

MarketWatch | Feb. 19, 2019
Opinion: Even the best stock market investors fail when it’s time to sell

New York Magazine | Feb. 17, 2019
When ‘Going Outside Is Prison’: The World of American Hikikomori

90.5 WESA | Feb. 12, 2019
Symphonic Work in Pittsburgh Honors Enslaved Africans on Rice Plantations

New York Times | Feb. 9, 2019
Early Feminists Issued a Declaration of Independence. Where Is It Now?

The Christian Science Monitor | Feb. 7, 2019
Have you heard the buzz? Honeybees can count

The Chronicle of Higher Education | Feb. 6, 2019
Should You Allow Laptops in Class? Here’s What the Latest Study Adds to The Debate

Gulf Times | Feb. 4, 2019
Ethics should be integral to AI development: CMU professor

The Chronicle of Higher Education | Feb. 3, 2019
Can Data Make You a Better Teacher?

Fast Company | Feb. 1, 2019
The gender factor in salary negotiations that you probably didn’t think about

January 2019

Seeking Alpha | Jan. 31, 2019
You Likely Stink At Selling

Forbes | Jan. 30, 2019
Can Software Help People Build Better Arguments?

ABC News | Jan. 29, 2019
New research is helping scientists to understand how humans recognize voices better than computers

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Jan. 29, 2019
Kevin Kwan, ‘Last Podcast on the Left,’ lead Pittsburgh Humanities Festival

QRIUS | Jan. 27, 2019
Women won’t ask a man for more pay — But they will ask a woman

Discover Magazine | Jan. 25, 2019
To Help Computers Detect Who’s Talking, These Scientists Figured Out How Humans Do It

Sci Phi Podcast | Jan. 25, 2019
Kevin Zollman

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Jan. 25, 2019
A local historian charts the history of urban black labor in America | Jan. 25, 2019
Heidi Duckler Dance Presents EBB & Flow: Culver City

Innovation & Tech Today | Jan. 23, 2019
What Drove Cleveland’s Return to Economic Prominence

Independent | Jan. 21, 2019
National Hugging Day: What are the mental health benefits of hugging?

AlterNet | Jan. 21, 2019
Women won’t ask a man for more pay — but they will ask a woman: researcher

WPXI | Jan. 18, 2019
11 local events to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this weekend

Business Insider | Jan. 16, 2019
Sneaky ways stores like H&M, Zara, and Uniqlo get you to spend more oney on clothes

Scientific American | Jan. 15, 2019
In Science, Some Ideas Are More Contagious Than Others

Hour Detroit | Jan. 14, 2019
The next wave of artificial intelligence is making critical decisions in health care

MarketWatch | Jan. 12, 2019
As stocks rally, most important skill traders need isn’t when to buy — it’s when (and what) to sell

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Jan. 6, 2019
Chasing the dream: Students in the MLK Jr. Writing Awards explore differences in identity

Ars Technica | Jan. 3, 2019
Machine learning can offer new tools, fresh insights for the humanities

Pittsburgh Tribune Review | Jan. 3, 2019
Mobile sauna business heats up for O’Hara resident

December 2018

The New York Times | Dec. 25, 2018
6 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder, in 2019

The Street | Dec. 21, 2018
Coping With the Selloff

90.5 WESA | Dec. 21, 2018
Short: 'Everyone's A Friend And Everyone Can Play'

Edge Effects | Dec. 18, 2018
Surviving Carmageddon in Manila

NY Daily News | Dec. 14, 2018
NYC debuts new 'novella' about colonoscopies

APM Podcasts | Dec. 11, 2018
Hair on Fire

The Guardian | Dec. 7, 2018
Technologist Vivienne Ming: 'AI is a human right'

Yahoo! India | Dec. 6, 2018
It’s Official: Hugs Can Make You Feel Better!

November 2018

Psychology Today | Nov. 30, 2018
How the Right Relationships Can Help You Heal

90.5 WESA | Nov. 28, 2018
Care Work

Pittsburgh City Paper | Nov. 21, 2018
Local author Jane Bernstein writes new children’s book about dogs and immigration

Salesforce | Nov. 16, 2018
At Carnegie Mellon University, Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block Discusses Radical Shifts in Technology and the Trust Crisis

Business Insider | Nov. 16, 2018
The 10 biggest charitable donations in the past decade

The Hill | Nov. 15, 2018
Nevada New Members 2019

CBS Pittsburgh | Nov. 14, 2018
Memorials To Squirrel Hill Synagogue Shooting Victims Being Moved Indoors

The Incline | Nov. 14, 2018
How Pittsburgh is saving Tree of Life’s massive, community-built sidewalk memorial

FOX 17 | Nov. 14, 2018
Science confirms what the heart already knows: Hugs really do make you feel better

Forbes | Nov. 13, 2018
30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs

Inc. | Nov. 13, 2018
Why a Hug a Day Makes Everything Better

FiveThirtyEight | Nov. 12, 2018
Can You Stave Off A Cold With Willpower?

Times of India | Nov. 12, 2018
The perfect way to solve a fight with your partner, according to science

NPR | Nov. 10, 2018
‘Farming While Black’: A Guide To Finding Power and Dignity Through Food

CBS Pittsburgh | Nov. 9, 2018
New Study Reveals Connections Between DNA & Reactions To Medication

Reuters | Nov. 8, 2018
Argue much? Hugs might help avoid bad moods after disagreements

Times Higher Education | Nov. 7, 2018
Best universities for psychology degrees 2019

Forbes | Nov. 6, 2018
How MaaS Public Transit Is Changing The World

Psychology Today | Nov. 6, 2018
Your Relationship Bill of Rights

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Nov. 5, 2018
Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life was founded when the Civil War divided the nation

The New York Times | Nov. 2, 2018
Colleges Grapple With Teaching the Technology and Ethics of A.I.

October 2018

The New York Times | Oct. 28, 2018
Tree of Life Synagogue Victims Remembered as Guardians of Their Faith

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Oct. 28, 2018
Shooting victim Joyce Fienberg, longtime Pitt researcher, embraced grad students

Pittsburgh Business Times | Oct. 26, 2018
How CMU is using Pittsburgh as a “living lab”

NBC News | Oct. 25, 2018
The health benefits of hugging

Buzzfeed News | Oct. 25, 2018
Cancer Hospital Ads Deceive Patients About Their Chances of Survival, New Report Finds

Inside Philanthropy | Oct. 25, 2018
“A Fraught Moment.” Donors Get Behind a Campus Initiative to Strengthen Democracy

Entrepreneur | Oct. 22, 2018
5 Insights Into Human Behavior That Will Boost Your Sales and Marketing

Washington Examiner | Oct. 22, 2018
Trump can pull out of the INF Treaty on his own, but lawmakers can still make his life miserable

NBC News | Oct. 19, 2018
This bizarre-looking font helps you remember what you read

Psychology Today | Oct. 19, 2018
It’s Cold and Flu Season, Call a Friend

El Diario | Oct. 19, 2018
NFL celebrates Rosana Guernica, a Puerto Rican with a heart of gold and tenacity of “steel”

Men’s Health | Oct. 18, 2018
How To Get Rid Of A Cold: 15 Best Tips

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Oct. 18, 2018
Sherri Nichols, a sabermetrics pioneer, leads lineup at CMU sports analytics conference

U.S. News & World Report | Oct. 17, 2018
Amid Khashoggi Criticism, Saudi Arabia Shows No Signs of Changing

U.S. News & World Report | Oct. 16, 2018
How to Bolster Your Earning Potential After You’re Fired

Quartz | Oct. 10, 2018
Hard-to-read fonts can help boost your memory

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | Oct. 9, 2018
Shaler illustrator achieves childhood dream

Harpers Bazaar | Oct. 7, 2018
Hugging after an argument does make you feel better, says study

The Washington Post | Oct. 5, 2018
Researchers create new font designed to boost your memory

Scientific American | Oct. 5, 2018
What It Means When Scientists Disagree

CNN | Oct. 3, 2018
Science confirms what the hearts already knows: Hugs really do make you feel better

TIME | Oct. 3, 2018
Science Says You Should Embrace Hugging

September 2018

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Sept. 26, 2018
‘I think this is a “Who are we?” moment,’ law professor says about Kavanaugh hearings

Daily Nous | Sept. 26, 2018
Results from an Application Fee Experiment

State Impact Pennsylvania | Sept. 25, 2018
We’re wired to be wary of certain things. Here’s why pipelines are among them

MarketWatch | Sept. 20, 2018
NFL, Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Nationwide, Team for Eighth Annual NFL Hispanic Heritage Leadership Awards Presented by Nationwide

Discover Magazine | Sept. 18, 2018
Top 10 Secrets About Stress and Health

Pittsburgh City Paper | Sept. 12, 2018
Is fall disappearing?

USA Today | Sept. 10, 2018
9/11 victim identification: 17 years later, largest forensic investigation in US history continues

TIME | Sept. 10, 2018
What Salary Should You Ask For? Here’s How to Figure Out What You’re Worth

Bustle | Sept. 7, 2018
7 Things That Can Happen If You Are Sleep Deprived, And Ignoring It

TIME | Sept. 4, 2018
Why Some People Hate Being Hugged, According to Science

The Inquirer | Sept. 3, 2018
Researchers look to brain images to predict who will attempt suicide

August 2018

Wall Street Journal | August 30, 2018
Mike Pompeo Taps Foreign Policy Scholar Kiron Skinner as Chief State Department Planner

Wall Street Journal | August 24, 2018
Dear Investor, That Cocky Voice in Your Head Is Wrong

Working Class Perspectives | August 20, 2018
Sorry to Bother You: A Spectacle That Teaches

Public Agenda | August 16, 2018
Cities as Centers for Deliberative Democracy

Salon | August 13, 2018
Why scientists are taking a more active role in politics and policy

Forbes | August 13, 2018
Ask For What You're Worth

New York Times | August 10, 2018
How to Be an Ace Salary Negotiator (Even if You Hate Conflict)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 4, 2018
Pittsburgh is 'world's capital for pogo'

CBC Radio | August 4, 2018
Scientists get a rare glimpse of the brain reorganizing itself after a lobectomy

Washington Post | August 2, 2018
A 12-year-old had one-sixth of his brain removed. He feels ‘perfectly normal.’

BBC | August 2, 2018
What you’re getting wrong about mindfulness

PBS Newshour | August 2, 2018
A child lost a sixth of his brain, then made an amazing comeback

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 1, 2018
New Stanton boy's brain finds new ways to learn after portion is removed

June/July 2018

CNN | July 31, 2018
Why men get the 'glamour work' assignments more than women

Wired | July 29, 2018
When in Nature, Google Lens Does What the Human Brain Can’t

New York Times | July 28, 2018
How the Suffrage Movement Betrayed Black Women

Wall Street Journal | July 27, 2018
No One Needs Paper Piles; SEC Should Get Smart About Broker Disclosure

ScienceNews | July 27, 2018
Women and men get research grants at equal rates — if women apply in the first place

DailyMail | July 27, 2018
How do you REALLY catch a cold? Doctors bust myths surrounding influenza - and why you should wear a jacket when you're out in chilly weather

Kennedy School Review | July 23, 2018
When Development Isn’t Complicated

DailyMail | July 23, 2018
Women are more likely to volunteer for tasks that will NOT help them to secure a promotion, scientists reveal

Harvard Business Review | July 16, 2018
Why Women Volunteer for Tasks That Don’t Lead to Promotions

BBC News | July 13, 2018
Is Kylie Jenner really a self-made millionaire?

Chronicle of Higher Education | July 12, 2018
How One College Used Student Comments to Identify Its Best Professors

DailyMail | July 10, 2018
Chatting to colleagues, neighbours and parents at the school gate benefits people's wellbeing just as much as close friendships, study finds

Washington Post | July 7, 2018
How casual daily interactions protect your health

The Times Picayune | July 1, 2018
A supportive spouse could set people up for success, says new study

Wall Street Journal | June 26, 2018
From Meditation to Medication: Headspace Has a Prescription Strategy

Bustle | June 25, 2018
Is Loneliness A Mental Health Issue? Changing Its Status Could Massively Help British Millennials

The Hill | June 24, 2018
Global energy politics are front and center at the World Cup in Russia

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | June 20, 2018
For early stage startups, federal agencies are often the key to funding success

The Star | June 19, 2018
Marriage tied to lower risk of fatal heart attacks and strokes

USA Today | June 18, 2018
Trump's insults, tariffs inspire Canadians to organize boycott of U.S. Goods

Aeon | June 18, 2018
Network visualisations show what we can and what we may know

Health News Review | June 18, 2018
‘Unconscionable’: Cleveland Clinic tweets misleading scans promoting experimental vaccine for incurable brain cancer

NBC News | June 11, 2018
Why scientists are teaching this burly robot to hug

Forbes | June 4, 2018
What U.S. Investors Can Learn From An Immigrant Venture Capitalist

Pittsburgh Business Times | June 1, 2018
Viewpoint: Pittsburgh’s opportunity to lead AI for Good

New York Times Magazine | May 30, 2018
Who Killed the Kiev Protesters? A 3-D Model Holds the Clues

May 2018

Sydney Morning Herald | May 30, 2018
Why employers should never ask job candidates about past salary

Reader's Digest | May 29, 2018
32 Everyday Mistakes That Raise Your Risk of Catching a Cold

WESA-FM | May 29, 2018
Young Black Children Are Twice As Likely To Commit Suicide As Their White Peers

PublicSource | May 28, 2018
I’m a slow learner when it comes to race, but I’m trying

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 26, 2018
Schools go increasingly digital, but there's still a need for paper

Newsweek | May 23, 2018
Black kids under 13 twice as likely to kill themselves as whites of the same age

Christian Science Monitor | May 16, 2018
When the humanities meet big data

CNBC | May 14, 2018
Warren Buffett says the most important decision you'll ever make has nothing to do with your money or career

Exchange | May 14, 2018
Campus Learning Laboratory

City Books | May 11, 2018
Sharon Dilworth

Harvard Business Review | May 11, 2018
3 Ways to Think Deeply at Work

Fox Business News | May 9, 2018
Trump scraps Iran nuclear deal: What's next?

WBUR-FM | May 9, 2018
Calorie Counts And Chain Restaurant Menus

Mother Nature Network | May 7, 2018
Restaurants now required to list calories

Wall Street Journal | May 4, 2018
The Free Trips Your Financial Adviser Takes Could Cost You

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 4, 2018
Artists of the World Unite at the 'Marx@200' exhibit Downtown

New York Times | May 1, 2018
How a Common Interview Question Fuels the Gender Pay Gap (and How to Stop It)

American Institute of Physics | May 1, 2018
NIST and White House Ramping Up Effort to Redesign Technology Transfer Policies

Fox Business News | April 27, 2018
Trump going into Merkel meeting with the upper hand?

April 2018

STAT News | April 25, 2018
Cancer centers sell out science when they advertise clinical trials as treatment | April 25, 2018
7 tips to craft scintillating headlines that will hook readers

Pittsburgh City Paper | April 25, 2018
SPACE’s Marx@200 explores the German philosopher and what we can learn from his theories

New York Times | April 24, 2018
The Facebook Fallacy: Privacy Is Up to You

WESA | April 23, 2018 
A Computer Is Analyzing Parliamentary Speeches To Understand How The French Revolution Started 

U.S. News & World Report | April 20, 2018
Are Your Friends and Family Sabotaging Your Health Goals?

Littsburgh | April 19, 2018
Three Poems by Gerald Costanzo 

Forbes | April 18, 2018
Why Saying No To "Thankless Tasks" Can Close The Gender Gap

TechRepublic | April 17, 2018
How to prevent phishing by studying the psychology behind digital fraud

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 16, 2018
Recruiting a younger generation may take some different benefits

Futurism | April 16, 2018
AI Tool Helps Law Enforcement Find Victims of Human Trafficking

McClatchy News | April 16, 2018
Facebook embraces A.I., and risks further spooking consumers

Medscape | April 16, 2018
Are Clinical Trials Being Oversold to Cancer Patients?

ScienceNews | April 15, 2018
The Facebook data debacle may not change internet behavior

The Globe and Mail | April 15, 2018
With Syrian air strike, Trump reopens long-standing question of who in U.S. can authorize, wage war

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 15, 2018
'Two Sides, Three Rivers': Pittsburgh characters enliven Sharon Dilworth's short stories 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 12, 2018
Alexa, do you speak Pittsburghese?

Computerworld | April 7, 2018
Mind-reading tech is here (and more useful than you think!)

The Globe and Mail | April 6, 2018
The lost art of the political speech

TheStreet | April 6, 2018
Why Playing Poker, Chess or Bridge Can Make You a Better Investor

Mic | April 5, 2018
Is there actually a wage gap? Yes, and here are some ways men can help fix it.

Educause Review | April 3, 2018
Why Aren’t Tech-Enhanced Learning Strategies More Widely Used?

Next Pittsburgh | April 3, 2018
Talking Black in America: free film screening and discussion

U.S News & World Report | April 2, 2018
Your Money: Game Theory for Your Financial Life

U.S. News & World Report | March 29, 2018
7 Ways Boosting Your Happiness Will Improve Your Finances

March 2018

Investor’s Business Daily | March 27, 2018
How To Optimize Your Memory When Reading

AdWeek | March 26, 2018
How Brands Can Use Psychology to Improve Marketing Techniques

The Incline | March 26, 2018
Why Pittsburghers add an ‘S’ to the end of words

Wall Street Journal | March 24, 2018
Why Do Some People Get Sick Less Often?

Washington Post | March 24, 2018
Mindfulness meditation is huge, but science isn’t sure how, or whether, it works

Fox News | March 24, 2018
Newt Gingrich: The future is amazing -- Here’s an incredible glimpse of what awaits us

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 24, 2018
Saturday Poem: Nevertheless

Consumer Reports | March 23, 2018
How to Keep Pounds Off When Dining Out

Wired | March 23, 2018
The Lose-Lose Ethics of Testing Self-Driving Cars in Public

KDKA Radio | March 21, 2018
Honorees Selected for KDKA Radio's 6th Annual 'Larry's Hometown Heroes' Event

Associated Press | March 20, 2018
Facebook: A community like no other. Should you leave it?

ABC Science | March 20, 2018
Driverless cars and the 5 ethical questions on risk, safety and trust we still need to answer

Forensic Magazine | March 16, 2018
Virtual Case Notes: How AI Can Fight Human Trafficking With Just One Picture

WESA | March 15, 2018
Pittsburgh's Neighborhoods Inspire Author's Short Fiction Collection

TechTarget | March 14, 2018
'Intelligent tutoring systems' use AI to boost student IQ

Pittsburgh City Paper | March 14, 2018
More New Films: These films are opening on March 16 in Pittsburgh

Fox Business | March 14, 2018
Pompeo facing challenges with North Korea, Iran

Pittsburgh Magazine | March 12, 2018
CMU's Francis Bacon Project Is Facebook for 16th Century

The Next Web | March 12, 2018
We should be getting paid to use Facebook and Google

TheStreet | March 9, 2018
Boost Your Retirement Savings With These Easy Tips

EdSurge | March 7, 2018
Why Professors Doubt Education Research

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 1, 2018
There's lots to talk about at the Pittsburgh Humanities Festival 

Feburary 2018

USA Today | February 23, 2018
Financial shortcuts to avoid and use when saving and investing for retirement

Allegheny Front - WESA | February 23, 2018
Do We Even Need the Clean Power Plan?

Trib Live | February 21, 2018
NPR's Guy Raz, speaker during the Pittsburgh Humanities Festival, celebrates curiosity

New York Times | February 17, 2018
Russia Isn’t the Only One Meddling in Elections. We Do It, Too.

News and Tribune | February 15, 2018
Secrets of clickbait 

Pittsburgh City Paper | February 14, 2018
Jim Daniels’ Street Calligraphy  

Pittsburgh City Paper | February 14, 2018
Photography project centers LGBTQ couples 

CNBC | February 14, 2018
These psychologists say that the secret to your success is who you marry

Chicago Booth Review | February 14, 2018
Why it’s so hard to simplify the tax code

Wall Street Journal | February 11, 2018
Common Errors When Buying Insurance 

GeekWire | February 9, 2018
The ethics of AI: Robots will rise, but will they rule us all? 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | February 6, 2018
CMU researchers are building a model to predict human behavior. It could save lives one day. 

Pittsburgh Quarterly | February 6, 2018
Air Rules

Reader’s Digest | February 1, 2018
9 Weight Loss Challenges That Are Totally Doable

January 2018

Forbes | January 31, 2018
How Mentors Can Help Us Discover Our Authentic Negotiation Style -- With Expert Dr. Linda Babcock

Big Think | January 28, 2018
Take it or leave it: How to control a negotiation like a game theorist 

GeekWire | January 28, 2018
Can GeekWire talk the talk in a new tech town? Here’s what yinz need to know about Pittsburghese

Science Friday | January 26, 2018
Boosting Vaccination Rates, One Conversation At A Time

Sunday Times | January 25, 2018
Do you hug left or hug right? The answer says a lot about how you feel

Valley News Dispatch | January 22, 2018
Shady Side Academy's Eliyah Roberts honored by CMU for poetry

VentureBeat | January 18, 2018
Black Mirror’s mind-reading tech could be here sooner than you think

Bustle | January 18, 2018
4 Things To Do If You Feel Like You're Getting Sick

Pittsburgh Today Live | January 15, 2018
CMU Hosts 19th Annual MLK Jr. Writing Awards

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 14, 2018
Students in the MLK Jr. Writing Awards explore the experiences of bias 

Value Walk | January 13, 2018
Win with Game Theory & Defeat Smart Opponents | Kevin Zollman

Poets & Writers | January 12, 2018
Breaking Down Our Barriers: A Q&A With Jim Daniels, Founder of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Writing Awards

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 12, 2018
Society honors CMU professor for work in psychology and physical health 

Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle | January 11, 2018
New CMU anthology showcases works inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.

Tribune Review | January 11, 2018
Doctors warn against flu risks

Pittsburgh City Paper | January 11, 2018
MLK Day Writing Awards winners read Monday at CMU 

Associated Press | January 10, 2018
4 challenges posed by today's long-distance relationships

Pittsburgh City Paper | January 9, 2018
Pittsburgh Humanities Festival to feature local and national authors, artists and experts 

NBC News | January 2, 2018
How to use the power of expectation to improve your life

New York Post | December 28, 2017
5 terrifying stories that warn of an AI apocalypse

Metro | December 18, 2017
Five tips to make Facebook slightly less terrible for your mental health

Bustle | December 18, 2017
7 Health Benefits Of Cuddling, According To Science

Wall Street Journal | December 15, 2017
In a Divided Nation of Big Cities and Small Towns, Caity Cronkhite Thought She Knew Where She Belonged

Tribune Review | December 14, 2017
Pittsburgh dominating global artificial intelligence competition

WNYC | December 12, 2017
After Another Attack, New Yorkers 'Keep Calm and Carry On'

EducationDIVE | December 12, 2017
Framing 'failure' as a necessary educational experience

Futurity | December 11, 2017
How your brain singles out 1 sound among many

CBS Pittsburgh | December 11, 2017
CMU Student Raises Money For 5th Relief Trip To Puerto Rico

Yahoo Finance | December 8, 2017
How to Motivate Workers to Save More for Retirement

Debt | December 7, 2017
Salary History Reveal Laws Aren’t Helping Employees Yet

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | December 3, 2017
'Rowing Inland': Poet Jim Daniels mines his Detroit past for inspiration

WGRZ | November 29, 2017
How you end up with the wrong health plan

Marketplace | November 24, 2017
The mysterious jump in Obamacare enrollment

Channel 4 | November 23, 2017
America’s long history of meddling in other countries’ elections

Index-Journal | November 22, 2017
SC boasts best-in-the-South carbon footprint on turkey day meal

Consumer Reports | November 21, 2017
Kids Menus Aren't Getting Healthier

Fox News | November 17, 2017
Did Trump's Asia Trip improve US standing on world stage?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | November 16, 2017
CMU student's fourth -- and biggest -- Puerto Rican relief plane will evacuate more than 120 people

Entrepreneur | November 15, 2017
4 Psychological Techniques That Can Improve Your Product Pricing

FamilyCircle | November 14, 2017
Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season

The Philadelphia Tribune | November 11, 2017
Anthology details nearly two decades of young people creatively expressing struggles with diversity

MarketWatch | November 12, 2017
Spending too much money (or too little) can cause different kinds of emotional pain

The Wall Street Journal | November 10, 2017
Can Brain Scans Curb the Rising Rate of Suicide?

History | November 8, 2017
For the First Time, Central Park Will Honor Real-Life Women

History | November 8, 2017
Just How Divided Are Americans Since Trump’s Election?

The New York Times | November 4, 2017
Why So Many People Choose the Wrong Health Plans

The New York Times | November 2, 2017
How to End International Tax Competition

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 31, 2017
Research says acceptance key part of stress-reduction mindfulness, a new app helps with that

Los Angeles Times | October 31, 2017
How your brain processes certain words can help predict your risk of suicide

The Incline | October 30, 2017
These Carnegie Mellon students want self-driving cars to help underserved areas of Pittsburgh access public transit

NPR | October 30, 2017
Brain Patterns May Predict People At Risk Of Suicide

The Conversation | October 29, 2017
What trick-or-treating tells us about human nature

National Geographic | October 26, 2017 
Are We Born Fearing Spiders and Snakes?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 26, 2017
CMU alum, MLB stats expert to speak at sports analytics conference 

Pacific Standard | October 24, 2017
The Key Component of Mindfulness That Lowers Stress

Nautilus | October 24, 2017
When Did Tribalism Get To Be So Fashionable?

Fox News | October 23, 2017
Kiron Skinner previews President Trump's trip to Asia

North American Review | October 20, 2017
In Light of Recent Events

Science Newsline | October 16, 2017
Family Members Play Important Role in Managing Chronic Illness

NBC News | October 15, 2017
College Student Crowdfunds $82,000 for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 12, 2017
Even her grandmother thought this CMU student’s plan to send a plane to Puerto Rico was crazy. But it worked. 

Littsburgh | October 11, 2017
Spotlight: Challenges to the Dream 

Wall Street Journal | October 10, 2017
Finally, More Women Are Asking for Raises. But There’s a Catch.

Car and Driver | October 10, 2017
Autonomous Cars: How Safe Is Safe Enough?

Wall Street Journal | October 9, 2017
Does Your Gut Always Steer You Right?

The Incline | October 9, 2017
This Carnegie Mellon class will make you question humanity

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 8, 2017
Pittsburgh: Be careful what you wish for

NPR | October 8, 2017
The Painful Side Of Positive Health Care Marketing

The Incline | October 6, 2017
Settling the debate: Is Pittsburgh in the Midwest? 

NY Post | October 5, 2017
Your actual car is just as distracting as texting while driving

Pittsburgh City Paper | October 4, 2017
New arts-leadership program for African Americans leads to curator role 

NPR | October 4, 2017
Want Change In Education? Look Beyond The Usual Suspects (Like Finland)

CNBC | October 2, 2017
Warren Buffett says this 'ultimate partnership' will determine your happiness and success

Education Week | September 26, 2017
How 'Intelligent' Tutors Could Transform Teaching

Reader’s Digest | September 26, 2017
32 Everyday Mistakes That Raise Your Risk of Catching a Cold

TribLIVE | September 18, 2017
CMU spinoff company named a finalist in $15M Global Learning XPRIZE

Nautilus | September 14, 2017
Is Tribalism a Natural Malfunction?

Lifehacker | September 14, 2017
Have a "Chore Auction" With Your Kids When They Can't Work Something Out Peacefully 

NBC News | September 13, 2017
Controversial AI ‘Gaydar’ Study Spawns Backlash, Ethical Debate

New York Times | September 8, 2017
Apocalyptic Thoughts Amid Nature’s Chaos? You Could Be Forgiven

USA Today | September 7, 2017
Alleged Russian political meddling documented in 27 countries since 2004

Science News | September 6, 2017
Machines are getting schooled on fairness

CNBC | September 6, 2017
How your significant other may be unintentionally sabotaging your career

a16z Podcast | September 5, 2017
The Macro and the Micro of Parenting

Chronicle of Higher Education | August 31, 2017
Teaching Newsletter: Education and Polarization

EdTech | August 31, 2017
As AI Gets Smarter, Scholars Raise Ethics Questions

Fox News | August 28, 2017
Researchers developing computer program to read people's minds

WESA | August 28, 2017
18 Years Of Student Poetry And Prose On Race And Identity Compiled In CMU Anthology 

Adios | August 22, 2017
Study: knowing more doesn't change disbeliefs about science 

CNBC | August 21, 2017
Why the secret to your success is who you marry

Big Think | August 21, 2017
People in Supportive Relationships More Likely to Take Risks That Lead to Growth

Computer World | August 18, 2017
Beginner's guide to R: Syntax quirks you'll want to know

BBC | August 18, 2017
How Do You Fix Someone Else's Election?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 17, 2017
Steelers fans should worry about Patriots RB Rex Burkhead. These CMU statisticians tell you why. 

Bustle | August 13, 2017
What Does Reading Do To Your Brain? These 5 Effects Are Pretty Astounding 

Observer Reporter | August 12, 2017
Forty years after his death, the memory of Elvis lives on 

SheKnows | August 11, 2017
8 Totally Simple Ways to Bust Out of a Bad Mood in a Hurry

U.S. News & World Report | August 10, 2017
Postpone the 2020 Election? Many GOP Voters Say Yes 

Martha Stewart | August 8, 2017
Volunteering is a "Good Thing" for Your Health — and Your Community 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 8, 2017
Pittsburgh consumers not balking at waiting over a year for Tesla Model 3 

Washington Post | August 7, 2017
Women friends like to handle conflicts by talking them out. But does it work?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | July 28, 2017
What's the longest line in Pittsburgh? And what's worth waiting for?

BYU Radio | July 27, 2017
Children of Divorce

York Daily Record | July 24, 2017
Pennsylvania's great 'soda'/'pop' divide explained

Pittsburgh Magazine | July 24, 2017
A Great Novelist Finds Her Voice in Pittsburgh

Governing | July 24, 2017
Getting Public Benefits to the People Who Need Them 

Jalopnik | July 20, 2017
Ethics Experts Want Self-Driving Cars Approved Like New Drugs

CNN | July 15, 2017
How often has US meddled in others' elections?

Consumer Reports | July 12, 2017
How to Relieve Severe Stress

Times Higher Education | July 12, 2017
Failure to embrace new teaching techniques not just about fear of embarrassment

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | July 11, 2017
Using brain patterns may be first step to reading the mind, CMU study shows 

Reuters | July 5, 2017
Nasty parental divorce may leave a mark on adult immune system

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | July 5, 2017
CMU professor co-chairs truck safety National Academies committee 

Huffington Post | July 4, 2017
Why Abraham Lincoln Is An Icon For Republicans And Democrats Alike

The Register | July 4, 2017
Why, Robot? Understanding AI ethics

Times Higher Education | July 4, 2017
Academics ‘fail to change teaching due to fear of looking stupid’

WESA-FM | July 3, 2017
CMU Researchers Are Teaching Computers To Read Minds 

WESA-FM | June 26, 2017
XPRIZE Semifinalist App Could Help Kids In Developing Countries Teach Themselves

Pittsburgh Quarterly | June 20, 2017
Latin Mass

The Incline | June 19, 2017
6 degrees of separation in Pittsburgh: Why it feels like you know everyone here

Bustle | June 19, 2017
Why Unhappiness Might Be The Key To Your Creative Success

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | June 16, 2017
Penguins hire Carnegie Mellon analytics guru Sam Ventura to front-office job 

Wired | June 11, 2017
New Math Untangles the Mysterious Nature of Causality

CBS News | June 9, 2017
Friendly chatter on Facebook could be behind our current housing bubble

Popular Science | June 9, 2017
Scientists want to know if your parents' divorce is making you sick

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | June 5, 2017
Bitter divorces can impact children’s' health into adulthood, CMU study shows

NPR | May 31, 2017
Activists Build Human Rights Abuse Cases With Help From Cellphone Videos

Huffington Post | May 30, 2017
Trump and Russia: Connecting Some Dots

Seeker | May 26, 2017
How Your Brain Helps You Lie To Yourself 

NIH Research Matters | May 23, 2017
How drug marketing may influence prescriptions

Huffington Post | May 23, 2017
Calories On Menus Are Making Healthy Choices Even Harder

Wired | May 19, 2017
Even If Dana Rohrabacher Was a Russian Asset, Would He Know?

WESA-FM | May 18, 2017
Chinese Food Is 'Communication,’ Connecting Cultures In Pittsburgh 

Miami Herald | May 18, 2017
The HistoryMakers: An idea that changes our world

Live Science | May 16, 2017
Fidget Spinners Renew Focus on Kids' Attention Spans | May 16, 2017
Mindfulness Meditation May Help Students Combat High Levels of Stress, Depression

Headspace | May 16, 2017
Meditation can help your body feel better too. Here’s how.

Quartz | May 12, 2017
The way we pay doctors in the US makes them find problems that aren’t there

Citadel | May 11, 2017
The Arc of Data Science: Advice from CMU After 50 Years of Teaching Statistics

Hoover Institution | May 11, 2017
"America First" Then And Now

Reader’s Digest | May 9, 2017
Why Do Movie Villains Always Have Skin Conditions?

Eater | May 5, 2017
What Is City Chicken, Really?

Washington Post | May 5, 2017
5 lessons from former presidents on making good decisions

Forbes | May 4, 2017
Teaching Creativity Is A Necessary Part Of Undergraduate Education

Associated Press | May 4, 2017
Obama endorses a French presidential candidate

Inside Higher Ed | May 3, 2017
Easing Instructional Designer-Faculty Conflicts

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | May 2, 2017
Gift-bearing drug reps can influence a doctor's prescription

WESA-FM | May 2, 2017
Restricting Gifts From Pharma Reps May Change Doctors' Prescribing Habits 

Slate | May 2, 2017
Why Do Drug Reps Give Doctors Free Pens?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 2, 2017
Restricting drug company access to doctors cuts prescriptions touted by industry 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 26, 2017
Carnegie Mellon professor among 35 Andrew Carnegie Fellows 

Forbes | April 25, 2017
In Today's Business World, Confronting Information Avoidance Is A Must

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 23, 2017
Hulu's 'Handmaid's Tale' a disquieting depiction of devaluation of women

Business Insider | April 20, 2017
David Selverian’s Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Pacific Council on International Policy | April 19, 2017
For U.S. Defense, Technological Change Compels New Strategy

MarketPlace | April 17, 2017
Beacons help Waze users navigate Pittsburgh's tricky tunnel exits

e-Literate | April 17, 2017
Can There Be a Microscope of the Mind?

WESA-FM | April 17, 2017
This Nonprofit Is Attempting To Reduce The Wage Gap By Teaching Girls Negotiation Skills | April 14, 2017
Kevin Zollman: Don’t return to the democratic dark ages, keep ranked voting

NPR | April 13, 2017
The United Airlines Fiasco: How Game Theory Could Help

National Magazine | April 7, 2017
Rules of the road: How are we going to regulate autonomous cars? 

Pittsburgh City Paper | April 5, 2017
The 11th annual Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival Faces of Identity continues in Pittsburgh 

Nature | April 4, 2017
Label the limits of forensic science

College Factual | April 3, 2017
Best Colleges Offering Degrees/Majors in Statistics : Nationwide

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 2, 2017
Self-driving, but not self-regulating

Los Angeles Times | March 30, 2017
Russia's meddling in other nations' elections is nothing new. Just ask the Europeans

New Scientist | March 29, 2017
Bias test to prevent algorithms discriminating unfairly

EdSurge | March 28, 2017
Living, Breathing and Eating Math: An Interview with Carnegie Learning's Barry Malkin

Crain’s New York | March 28, 2017
40 Under 40, Class of 2017: Steve Martocci, 35

Quartz | March 26, 2017
Humans selectively edit reality before accepting it, a review of decades of social and economic behavior shows

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 23, 2017
The many 'Faces of Identity' at CMU's International Film Festival

Pittsburgh Magazine | March 22, 2017
The CMU Film Fest Opens with One of 2016's Best

Pittsburgh City Paper | March 22, 2017
Pittsburgh Humanities Festival runs March 24-26 

Big Think | March 19, 2017
Why People Use Information Avoidance to Choose Their Own Reality

EdTech | March 16, 2017
Can Machine Learning and Crowdsourcing Fight the Flu?

Hoover Institution | March 15, 2017
Moving Forward: The Need For Innovations In Technology And Strategy

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 15, 2017
Avoiding information that might upset you? Well, you’re only human.

Wall Street Journal | March 10, 2017
It’s Time for a Revolution in Investor Disclosures

American Economic Association | March 10, 2017
I don't want to know: Why do we avoid certain information and what are the consequences for our society?

TIME Magazine | March 7, 2017
Here’s How Much Sex You Should Have Every Week

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 6, 2017
Data-driven stats geeks make their mark on sports locally and nationally

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | February 28, 2017
Lower cortisol may give married people advantage

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | February 24, 2017
Meditation techniques help people be in the moment

Fox Business | February 23, 2017
Will the Trump administration create a stronger relationship with Mexico?

Nature | February 22, 2017
Stephen E. Fienberg: Statistician Who Campaigned for Better Science in Court.

Pittsburgh City Paper | February 22, 2017
Poet Jim Daniels continues fruitfully mining memories of his youth in a blue-collar town

Reuters | February 21, 2017
Stress hormone may help explain health advantages of marriage

Huffington Post | February 20, 2017
How Job And Name Discrimination Can Hurt A Business And A Career

Forensic Magazine | February 15, 2017
Stats Expert to Present Fingerprint Doubts at AAFS 69th Annual Meeting

Bloomberg | February 14, 2017
Stop Telling Me How Dangerous My Bathtub Is

Defense One | February 9, 2017
US Counterterrorism Strategy Must Be About More than ISIS 

e-Literate | February 8, 2017
Understanding Learning Science and Its Value to Educators

NIH News in Health | February 8, 2017
Do Social Ties Affect Our Health? 

Pittsburgh City Paper | February 8, 2017
Sex research can yield unexpected answers 

NPR | February 8, 2017
3 Things You Might Not Know About Charles Darwin

The Conversation | February 1, 2017
Why using a mobile phone while driving is so dangerous … even when you’re hands-free

Quartz | January 31, 2017
The psychology of why 94 deaths from terrorism are scarier than 301,797 deaths from guns

The Atlantic’s CityLab | January 29, 2017
Self-Driving Cars Should Be Regulated Like Drugs 

Inverse | January 29, 2017
How to Speed Read the Internet | January 25, 2017
Poll: 9 out of 10 millennials admit to impulse buys  

WESA-FM | January 24, 2017
No Coding Skills Needed, Supercomputer Builds ‘Bridges’ To Non-Traditional Users 

Inside Higher Ed | January 23, 2017
Beyond Teaching by Instinct

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 22, 2017
Steelers got you stressed? Try meditation, expert says 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 21, 2017
Do you speak Hafez? 

Reader’s Digest | January 18, 2017
The Magical Health Benefits of One Hug a Day 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 15, 2017
Race is a part of who we are, but not the sum, writes student Cherisse Tompkins 

New York Times | January 14, 2017
New Path to the N.H.L.: Crunching Numbers, Not Opponents 

Fast Company | January 13, 2017
The Huge Difference Between Business And Political Strategies 

Yahoo! Finance | January 11, 2017
Kids Menus Aren't Getting Healthier, New Study Finds 

CBS Pittsburgh | January 11, 2017
CMU Honors Young Writers With MLK Writing Awards 

NextPittsburgh | January 10, 2017
17 Pittsburgh tech companies to watch in 2017

EdSurge | January 9, 2017
When Personalized Learning Is a Logical Fallacy 

New Scientist | January 4, 2017
Give your car a conscience: Why driverless cars need morals 

Pittsburgh City Paper | January 4, 2017
The Pittsburgh stories of canonical novelist Willa Cather  

Slate | January 4, 2017
Election Meddling Is Surprisingly Common 

Psychology Today | January 3, 2017
The Mystery of Motivation

NextPittsburgh | January 3, 2017
How The Art of Democracy is making tough issues and decisions easier for groups to tackle

The Conversation | December 30, 2016
Finding trust and understanding in autonomous technologies

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | December 27, 2016
What makes facial recognition 'almost magical'?

NPR | December 22, 2016
Database Tracks History Of U.S. Meddling In Foreign Elections

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | December 21, 2016
Carnegie Mellon to offer major in behavioral economics

Huffington Post | December 21, 2016
Abolish The Electoral College

Inc. | December 20, 2016
Research shows not negotiating your salary could cost you $1 million (especially women)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | December 16, 2016
Obituary: Stephen E. Fienberg / Statistician used data as ‘force for good’

CSO | December 15, 2016
Protecting more than privacy in K-12 sector

The Incline | December 14, 2016
What can Pittsburgh do with vacant lots? These CMU students have ideas.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | December 9, 2016
Looking to gauge flu season's severity? Ask CMU computer scientists, statisticians

Bustle | December 5, 2016
How To Decorate Your Home, According To Science

c&en | December 5, 2016
Perspectives: When are industries judged fairly?

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | December 2, 2016
Art exhibit documents heartbreak of broken relationships

Pittsburgh City Paper | November 23, 2016
Jay D. Aronson’s new book “Who Owns the Dead? The Science and Politics of Death at Ground Zero” explores the ethical frontiers of DNA identification of bodily remains

devex | November 23, 2016
Why do people make bad decisions? 'Information avoidance' can explain

CityLab | November 23, 2016
What Thanksgiving Costs the Climate Where You Live

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | November 22, 2016
Brain architecture is as unique as our fingerprints

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | November 22, 2016
CMU prof lands spot on Trump transition team for National Security Council

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | November 19
The sports analytics community has Mike Tomlin's back 

Huffington Post | November 18, 2016
Scientists Have Figured Out How To ‘Fingerprint’ Your Brain

Baltimore Sun | November 17, 2016
In search of ever more sales, Maryland Lottery to offer $30 scratch-off tickets

Science of Us | November 2, 2016
It Is Stupidly Important to Plan Your Election-Day Logistics

New York Times | October 31, 2016
Is High-Deductible Health Insurance Worth the Risk?

The Conversation | October 31, 2016
Why do so many believe Hillary Clinton is inauthentic?

Literary Hub | October 28, 2016
How I Helped Tell a Soldier's Story

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | October 28, 2016
Ex-CIA director Hayden: If U.S. can hack into Russian emails, it should

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 29, 2016
Saturday Poem: Prequel with Mr. Rogers

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | October 28, 2016
Ex-CIA director Hayden: If U.S. can hack into Russian emails, it should

Pittsburgh City Paper | October 28, 2016
Showcase for Pittsburgh-area filmmakers begins eighth season on WQED tomorrow 

Washington Post | October 27, 2016
‘Will & Jane’: Making literary celebrity work for the humanities

New Scientist | October 19, 2016
Who Owns the Dead? The atrocity of 9/11 casts a long shadow

Huffington Post | October 18, 2016
Busy But Getting Nothing Done: 3 Subtle, Subconscious Ways We Procrastinate

Bloomberg | October 18, 2016
Can Science Make People Save Money?

Newsweek Europe | October 17, 2016
How Election 2016 Would Be Different With Ranked-Choice Voting

The Atlantic | October 13, 2016
Why Republicans Are Flip-Flopping on Their Endorsements

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 12, 2016
“BodyWorks” uses cutting edge technology to explore the workings of the human body

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 12, 2016
Museum collects pieces of broken relationships

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | October 11, 2106
CMU professor looks at politics of Ground Zero

TIME | October 3, 2016
The Science of Why Good People Choose Bad Health Plans

Vice | September 26, 2016
The DEA Is About to Make Life Even More Dangerous for US Heroin Users

Pittsburgh City Paper | September 22, 2016
Rare Shakespeare book at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University

Yahoo! Finance | September 20, 2016
How to Eat Healthier at Restaurant Chains

Christian Science Monitor | September 20, 2016
What happens when the systems we rely on go haywire? 

Sputnik International | September 19, 2016
What next for US-Cuba Relations?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | September 18, 2016
At Smithsonian's new African American museum, Pittsburghers helped shape exhibits

Huffington Post | September 18, 2016
Relying on “Smile Scores” To Measure Student Learning Is Not a Good Idea

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | September 17, 2016
First Person: See something, say nothing? 

The Incline | September 16, 2016
The science of why drivers slow down for Pittsburgh tunnels

Huffington Post | September 13, 2016
What’s It All About?

Wall Street Journal | September 11, 2016
Are Investors More or Less Willing to Take on Risk After a Big Money Loss?

CBC News | September 11, 2016
Homework: 'A sin against childhood' or a useful way to learn?

Washington Post | September 11, 2016
After 15 years, the political power of the 9/11 victims endures

Fox News | September 10, 2016
September 11: The day that changed my country (and my career path) forever

The Economist | September 10, 2016
Quantum of scholars

Washington Post | September 7, 2016
Sure, the U.S. and Russia often meddle in foreign elections. Does it matter?

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | September 3, 2016
Newsmaker: Casey Roark

The Atlantic | September 2, 2016
At Work in Two Genders

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | August 29, 2016
'Living Proof' ads feature real patients, not actors, scripts

New York Times | August 21, 2016
Whose Lives Should Be Saved? Researchers Ask the Public

TheStreet | August 21, 2016
Don't Settle for a Low Salary on Your First Job

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | August 20, 2016
Technology saturates curricula in Alle-Kiski Valley schools

Education Week | August 18, 2016
Brain Imaging Eyed as Path to Better Education Software

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 18, 2016
No need to give your ‘needs’ a ‘to be’

Huffington Post | August 17, 2016
To Serve And Protect

Pittsburgh Business Times | August 12, 2016
Five things to know today

Washington Post | August 11, 2016
‘Will & Jane’ is the Folger’s look at how the two authors reflect ourselves

Consumer Reports | August 10, 2016
The Truth About Vitamin C and Other Supplements for the Common Cold

CNN | August 10, 2016
Trump fires back at GOP foreign policy critics

New York Times | August 9, 2016
Time-Delayed Eating Leads to Better Food Choices

Consumer Reports | August 7, 2016
5 Surprising Reasons You Eat More When Dining Out

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 7, 2016
Pittsburgh's illuminating history

New York Times | August 4, 2016
Lit’s Dynamic Duo, Will and Jane, Shared Path to Pop Stardom

WESA | July 28, 2016
CMU Maps Your Brain On Math

New York Times | July 28, 2016
What Your Brain Looks Like When It Solves a Math Problem

Inc. | July 27, 2016
How Mindfulness Meditation Can Improve Your Life in Just 3 Minutes a Day

CityWatch | July 25, 2016
Hugs Keep Us Healthy! 

The New Yorker | July 25, 2016
A Guide To Guerilla Parenting

Huffington Post | July 25, 2016
Climate Talk

Education Week | July 22, 2016
Researchers Target Brain-Scanning Technology to Improve Ed. Software

Mental Floss | July 22, 2016
Ordering Lunch Early Could Help Us Cut Down on Calories, Study Finds

Scientific American | July 19, 2016
How Your Brain Learns Physics

Forbes | June 30, 2016
Busy But Getting Nothing Done: 3 Subtle, Subconscious Ways We Procrastinate

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | June 30, 2016
Plagiarism hysteria strikes Pittsburgh schools 

Wall Street Journal | June 29, 2016
Who Made Money in the Brexit Chaos? Machines, Not Humans

Money Matters | June 29, 2016
5 Rules to Follow Next Time You’re Tempted to Believe a Permabear

Washington Post | June 29, 2016
Men say they work more than women. Here’s the truth.

NPR | June 28, 2016
Click For Fewer Calories: Health Labels May Change Online Ordering Habits

Forbes | June 28, 2016
The 'I Just Can't Say No' Club Women Need To Advance In Their Careers

World Economic Forum | June 20, 2016
Q&A: A scientist explains why your brain forms false memories

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | June 18, 2016
Decade of persistence pays off as CMU police veteran earns degree

Inc. | June 16, 2016
The Remarkable 1-Minute Confidence Boost Based on Science

WTAE | June 16, 2016
Feeling Stressed Out?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | June 16, 2016
Estimating parade crowd presented unique challenge for Pittsburgh officials

MarketWatch | June 14, 2016
What turns people into total cheapskates? (Hint: Not payment apps) 

The Conversation | June 10, 2016
In obesity fight, UK’s heavy-handed soda tax beats US' watered-down warning

NPR | June 8, 2016
Apps That Aim To Give Parents 'Superpowers'

Golf Digest | June 7, 2016
Why Hasn't Anyone Broken The Record Johnny Miller Set At Oakmont?

NextPittsburgh | June 2, 2016
Werner Herzog spotlights CMU innovations in new movie, “Lo and Behold”

Washington Post | May 27, 2016
150 experts say Olympics must be moved or postponed because of Zika

WESA-FM | May 27, 2016
With Big Data And Little Sleep, CMU Students Work To Accelerate Pace Of Brain Mapping

Forbes | May 24, 2016
The Beginnings Of A Trump Doctrine

WESA-FM | May 23, 2016
CMU Students Will Forgo Sleep To Hack The Brain At First Ever Neurohackathon

Fortune | May 18, 2016
Researchers Caused an Uproar By Publishing Data From 70,000 OkCupid Users

AAFP | May 18, 2016
Can Mindfulness Meditation Deliver Us From Burnout?

The Atlantic | May 17, 2016
The False Promise of DNA Testing

LA Times | May 13, 2016
Research backs relationship between health, happiness

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 15, 2016
'Brain dress' by Carnegie Mellon University professor weaves together science, fashion

Huffington Post | May 6, 2016
A Solution in Search of a Problem

LA Times | May 3, 2016
Why both Trump and Cruz can claim to represent the majority of Republicans

AMSTAT News | May 2, 2016
An Interview with Steve Fienberg, 2015 NISS Jerome Sacks Award for Cross-Disciplinary Research Winner

MSNBC | May 1, 2016
Trump foreign policy breeds criticism

Verily Magazine | April 26, 2016
The One-Minute Trick to Boost Your Confidence

STAT | April 25, 2016
An ‘insurance warrior’ fights to get pricey therapies covered

Washington Post | April 25, 2016
The women’s suffrage leaders missing from the redesigned $10 bill

Marketplace | April 25, 2016
How Cruz and Kasich are playing at game theory

Boston Globe | April 20, 2016
When it comes to negotiating salaries, women face traps that men don’t

World Economic Forum | April 19, 2016
How our ancient brains learn new things

Deutsche Welle | April 15, 2016
Chinese gay rights movement sees win in court loss

WRSI | April 13, 2016
Where Statistics & Big Data & Your Brain Meet

Vice | April 13, 2016
Why Sex Criminals Get Locked Up Forever

HealthDay | April 11, 2016
Mom Was Right: A Good Night's Sleep Helps Keep You Healthy

Pittsburgh City Paper | April 6, 2016
A Carnegie Mellon researcher applies game theory to parenting

The Brian Lehrer Show | April 4, 2016
The Game Theorist's Guide to Raising Happy Kids

MSNBC | April 2, 2016
Criticism looms over Trump’s foreign policy

Wall Street Journal | April 1, 2016
You Can’t Win | March 31, 2016
Time to Get Deep: Why CEOs Need to Embrace Mindfulness

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | March 31, 2016
Newsmaker: Ian Asenjo

Vox | March 29, 2016
The improbable rise of the banana, America’s most popular fruit

Forbes | March 29, 2016
Batman V Supergirl: Dawn Of Optimism?

The Today Show | March 29, 2016
Serenity Now: Finding Mindfulness Through Meditation

Forbes | March 29, 2016
Batman V Supergirl: Dawn Of Optimism?

Huffington Post | March 28, 2016
Visit a Children’s Museum!

Kidsburgh | March 28, 2016
11 music programs helping Pittsburgh youth break into the biz

Huffington Post | March 28, 2016
Visit a Children’s Museum

Yahoo! | March 27, 2016
The Pros and Cons of Published Calorie Counts on Menus

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 27, 2016
The Easter Rising, 100 Years Later

U.S. News & World Report | March 25, 2016
How to Cultivate a Mindset of Frugality

The Atlantic | March 25, 2016
The Anti-Trump Endorsement Game

NPR | March 24, 2016
'Fastball' Documentary Explores Classic Showdown Between Pitcher And Batter

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | March 23, 2016
Process for filling Supreme Court vacancies damaged, appeals judge says

Inside Edition | March 23, 2016
Counterterrorism Experts Call For More Security Around Airports in Wake of Attacks

WESA-FM | March 22, 2016
Looking At The Future Of Our Relationship With Cuba

Washington Post | March 21, 2016
Justice Department frames expanded review of FBI forensic testimony

Money Magazine | March 17, 2016
Yes, Financial Advisers Should Have to Put Your Interests First

Fast Company | March 16, 2016
How Your Brain Reacts To Change

The Weather Network | March 14, 2016
Four terrible effects of Daylight Saving Time

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 13, 2016
Four experts explain why forensic analysis of crime scenes is not as reliable as you might think

Scientific American | March 8, 2016
The U.S. Government Launches a $100-Million "Apollo Project of the Brain”

New York Times | March 8, 2016
Mr. Darcy’s Shirt Is Coming to America

WESA-FM | March 7, 2016
Local Author Documents Nancy and Ronald Reagan's Life In Letters

Nature | March 2, 2016
Social networks: Better together

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | February 27, 2016
Analytics as vital as scouting for Penguins GM Rutherford in weighing potential targets

Back Story Radio | February 26, 2016
Hard Times: A History of Unemployment

CBS Pittsburgh | February 25, 2016
Mindfulness Teaching People To Reduce Stress & Live In The Moment

New York Times | February 23, 2016
Nudges Aren’t Enough for Problems Like Retirement Savings

Center for Digital Education | February 19, 2016
Breaking Down the Silos in Student-Learning Research

New York Times | February 19, 2016
Male Sellers on eBay Have an Edge Over Women, Study Finds

Washington Post | February 19, 2016
Monopoly is changing again–and some parents are not going to like it

New York Times | February 18, 2016
How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body

Forbes | February 11, 2016
The Top 10 Cities For Meditation In The U.S., According To Google

New York Magazine | February 9, 2016
The Most Highly Confident Young Men Have the Least Success in Online Dating

Vice| February 9, 2016
The Metaphysical Astronauts

Scientific American Mind | February 9, 2016
Game Theory for Parents

Huffington Post | February 8, 2016
Here's How Meditation Reduces Inflammation And Prevents Disease

Penn Live | February 5, 2016
How much money did Pennsylvania voters give to 2016 presidential candidates?

MIT Technology Review | February 4, 2016
Better Brain Imaging Could Show Computers a Smarter Way to Learn

Southern California Public Radio | February 2, 2016
Weighing the negative effects of mindfulness meditation

Wall Street Journal | February 1, 2016
The Self-Styled Healthy May Get Fewer Colds

Autism Speaks | January 28, 2016
Autism Speaks names top ten research papers of 2015

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | January 28, 2016
Challenger astronaut Resnik's legacy continues to inspire

WESA | January 26, 2016
Why Don't Americans Claim Their Earned Income Tax Credit?

Reader’s Digest | January 26, 2016
5 Life Lessons People Learn Too Late

The American Interest | January 25, 2016
Reagan as History

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 20, 2016
Providers fine-tune their business models as a la carte streaming services proliferate

CBS Pittsburgh | January 18, 2016
Local Students Honored For Poetry & Prose Writings

New York Times | January 15, 2016
How To Bridge That Stubborn Pay Gap

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 13, 2016
Can 'skinny bundling' your most watched networks save money?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 13, 2016
President's supporters, opponents chime in on what's been done, what needs to be done

Los Angeles Times |January 12, 2016
Some see a dark side to Powerball frenzy — the toll on poor players

CNN | January 8, 2016
Why we play the Powerball

Los Angeles Times | January 7, 2016
Applying for a job? Better delete your social media accounts.

Forbes | January 6, 2016
Pinterest Hires Its First Head Of Diversity

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 3, 2016
Reducing the harm: the limits of the city’s marijuana decriminalization law

ScienceLine | January 2, 2016
Seeing through the eyes of an expert

Washington Post | December 31, 2015
There’s a scientific reason New Year’s Eve is generally terrible

PsychCentral | December 31, 2015
Behavioral Nudge Can Work Even When We Know We Are Being Nudged

Huffington Post | December 29, 2015
The 5 Most Important Things We Learned About Mindfulness This Year

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | December 27, 2015
Six degrees of Francis Bacon: A new website seeks to create a Facebook for Britons of yore

Huffington Post | December 22, 2015
New Year's Resolutions: Why We Do What We Do

Slate | December 21, 2015
Five More Digital History Projects We Loved in 2015

NewsTalk | December 21, 2015
Game Theory, Water, Science Stories of 2015

Washington Post | December 18, 2015
Is a vegetarian diet really better for the environment? Science takes aim at the conventional wisdom

Wired | December 18, 2015
You’ll Be Outraged at How Easy It Was to Get You to Click on This Headline

Consumer Reports | December 17, 2015
The Best Way to Boost Your Immune System

Vox | December 15, 2015
Here’s an amazingly simple way to cut poverty

Washington Post | December 14, 2015
Are extremely confident politicians as accurate as they should be? A decision scientist weighs in.

Hechinger Report | December 14, 2015
Did you love watching lectures from your professors?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | December 14, 2015
Paris and the seeds of radicalization

New Scientist | December 9, 2015
How to win at game theory

CNBC | December 9, 2015
Is big pharma on drugs?

Newsmax | December 8, 2015
The Role of Religion in Foreign Policy

NextPittsburgh | December 5, 2015
El Circulo gives Spanish-speaking kids a sense of community

The National | December 3, 2015
Experts warn new Dubai statistics law could affect transparency, property sector

ScienceNews | December 3, 2015
Pay attention to that under-the-weather feeling

New York Times | December 3, 2015
The Politics of Math Education

Business Insider | November 25, 2015
15 ways to manage stress, according to scientists

NPR | November 24, 2015
How To Survive (And Maybe Even Enjoy) Thanksgiving Dinner

Quartz | November 23, 2015
Why you always get sick over the holidays

MSNBC | November 22, 2015
Paris attack ignites debate over encryption

Autism Speaks | November 20, 2015
Study finds lags in unconscious learning among adults with autism

Oxygen Magazine | November 17, 2015
Meditate The Pounds Away

My Domaine | November 17, 2015
How to Decode Health Insurance and Limit Your Spending

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | November 17, 2015
Study: Navigational skills help improve brain functions

Huffington Post | November 16, 2015
If You Think You're Getting A Cold, You're Probably Right

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | November 16, 2015
In the Pocket With Charlie Batch event supports literacy

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | November 16, 2015
Welders vs. philosophers

Washington Post | November 13, 2015
Boston is offering free negotiation classes to every woman who works in the city

WESA | November 11, 2015
CMU Maps The Social Network Of Elizabethan England

Wall Street Journal | November 10, 2015
Picking a Health Plan? An Algorithm Could Help

Fox Business News | November 8, 2015
5 Smart Money-Saving Tips for the Holidays

New York Times | November 1, 2015
Why Consumers Often Err in Choosing Health Plans

Quartz | October 31, 2015
Visiting a haunted house is good for your mental health

Huffington Post | October 30, 2015
Try Serena Williams' Super Quick Happiness Hack

New York Times | October 30, 2015
Colleges’ Most Difficult Cruise Courses

Times Higher Education | October 29, 2015
Is industry funding undermining trust in science?

OZY | October 28, 2015
Self-Help, the Übernerd Version

WESA | October 27, 2015
NSA Director Talks Snowden, Ethics, Accountability At CMU

Huffington Post | October 26, 2015
Lessons on Success and Deliberate Practice From Mozart, Picasso and Kobe Bryant

Slate | October 25, 2015
Artificially intelligent software is replacing the textbook—and reshaping American education

CBS Pittsburgh | October 23, 2015
CMU Launches New Diabetes Study

Huffington Post | October 21, 2015
What Women Can Learn From Paul Ryan. Really.

Slate | October 21, 2015
Fight ISIS by Thinking Inside the Bot

Daily Mail | October 20, 2015
Six degrees of FRANCIS BACON: Interactive relationship maps show 'friends of friends' for historical figures

Washington Post | October 16, 2015
What Bill O’Reilly’s new book on Ronald Reagan gets wrong about Ronald Reagan 

ResearchGate | October 15, 2015
False overconfidence and the 2016 election

The Guardian | October 15, 2015
Negotiating a pay rise: what I wish Jennifer Lawrence had known

New York Post | October 14, 2015
4 ways to stop a cold before it starts

Psychology Today | October 14, 2015
Idiosyncratic Brain Synchronization Associated with Autism

Huffington Post | October 12, 2015
Governing the U.S. House of Representatives

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 11, 2015
Railroads should join civic groups in a mission to improve air quality

Boston Globe | October 7, 2015
Confessions of a driver who can’t stop looking at her phone

Autism Speaks | October 6, 2015
Too much repetition can hinder learning in those with autism

WESA | October 2, 2015
Voting Has Always Been A Beginning, Not An End

Daily Nous | September 28, 2015
Philosophers On Drug Prices

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | September 27, 2015
The storied life of Hilary Masters

Inc. | September 24, 2015
How Pricing Psychology Can Improve Your Sales

New York Times | September 24, 2015
Mecca Stampede Shows How Crowds, Usually Calm in Crisis, Can Panic

U.S. News & World Report | September 22, 2015
More Sleep May Be Key To Fewer Colds

History News Network | September 20, 2015
Things Historians Can’t Live Without

WBGH Innovation Hub | September 18, 2015
From Robber Barons to Robots

War on the Rocks | September 17, 2015
5 Questions with Kiron Skinner on Rand Paul, Reagan, and the GOP Race

Chronicle of Higher Education | September 16, 2015
In Online Courses, Students Learn More by Doing Than by Watching

Salon | September 13, 2015’s choice overload: It’s no wonder people end up spending more than they need to

Marketplace | September 11, 2015
Why Health Insurance Execs Are A Stressed-Out Bunch

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | September 2, 2015
Personality Test: Jake Berntsen

New York Times | September 1, 2015
Between Iraq and a Hawk Base

USA Today | September 1, 2015
5 tips from professors for decoding your syllabus

NPR | September 1, 2015
Sleep More, Sneeze Less: Increased Slumber Helps Prevent Colds

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 30, 2015
CMU grad builds cybersleuthing tool to snare sex traffickers

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | August 22, 2015
Rockers find welcome reception, new gigs in today's culture

Huffington Post | August 17, 2015
Work and Play(s)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 12, 2015
Fire challenge one of many harmful stunts people try

The Writer’s Almanac | August 8, 2015
Last Night I Drove My Son Home | August 7, 2015
5 Ways Katy Perry and Rihanna Botched Their Finances — What You Can Learn

ABC News (Australia) | August 6, 2015
Interview with Kiron Skinner

Chicago Tribune | August 6, 2015
Be generous: It's a simple way to stay healthier

Los Angeles Times | August 5, 2015
Gaming against sexual assault, with 'Decisions That Matter' and other video games

Pittsburgh Business Times | August 5, 2015
CMU startup Neon honored by World Economic Forum

Inc. | August 3, 2015
Can Therapy Help You Balance Your Checkbook?

CBS Detroit | August 3, 2015
How A Philosophy Course Based On ‘The 100’ Came To Be At Carnegie Mellon

U.S. News & World Report | July 27, 2015
Carnegie Mellon Project Revives inBloom's Student Data Dream

New York Times | July 25, 2015
Salesforce Makes Strides Toward Gender Equality in Silicon Valley

NBC Sports | July 22, 2015
Fancy That: Pens Hire War on Ice’s Sam Ventura

Education Week | July 21, 2015
Practical Guidance from MOOC Research: Students Learn by Doing

The Guardian | July 12, 2015
Can neuroscience solve the mystery of how students learn?

OZY | July 12, 2015
Here’s Why Mass Murder Bores You

Scicurious | June 29, 2015
No matter the language, disease risk is hard to communicate

New York Times | June 25, 2015
The Joy of (Just the Right Amount of) Sex

Popular Science | June 15, 2015
Here's A Photo Of A Brain Forming A New Idea

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 27, 2015
Suicide rates increase sharply among African-American children

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 26, 2015
CMU interactive 'game' focuses on sex assault bystanders

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 22, 2015
Newsmaker you should know / CMU professor knew his calling as a child

New York Magazine | May 15, 2015
A Group of Couples Started Having More Sex, and It Made Them Less Happy

TIME Magazine | May 12, 2015
How Self-Promotion Can Backfire

Remake Learning | May 7, 2015
Community Corps Brings Digital Education to County Kids

Huffington Post | May 7, 2015
How Mindfulness Has Changed The Way Americans Learn And Work

CBS Pittsburgh | May 4, 2015
Crowd Sourcing Site Lets Group Review Your Medical Condition

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | April 27, 2015
Pulitzer-winning poet Smith turns to memoir but seeks same result — discussion

Boston Globe | April 24, 2015
Dangers of loneliness

NPR | April 23, 2015
Some Companies Fight Pay Gap By Eliminating Salary Negotiations

Smithsonian Magazine | April 22, 2015
Cognitive Scientists Question a Journal's Gender Balance

WESA-FM | April 22, 2015
CMU Lands Grant for Technology-Enchanced Learning Project

Huffington Post | April 20, 2015
Getting Women Into Science-Filled Rooms

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 19, 2015
Keeping an eye on Pittsburgh: We can learn a lot from other cities’ surveillance policies

Discovery News | April 16, 2015
Remote Control Humans Are Here

Pacific Standard | April 11, 2015
The Top 20 Thinkers Under 30: Alex Imas, 29, Economics

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | April 11, 2015
Melding disciplines at CMU

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 11, 2015
Analytics gaining foothold in NHL, too

WHYY-FM | April 2, 2015
Could better health be just a hug away?

Harper’s Bazaar | April 2, 2015
What To Eat (Or Think) To Banish Stress

Pittsburgh City Paper | March 31, 2015
Inaugural Pittsburgh Humanities Festival Wraps

MSN | March 31, 2015
4 types of savings addicts: Which one are you?

Fitness Magazine | March 31, 2015
What's Your Stress Style?

The Dana Foundation | March 30, 2015
Studying the Blind Leads to New Insights in Human Brain Specialization

New York Times | March 25, 2015
‘Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be’ and ‘The End of College’

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 22, 2015
Art, philosophy, history and more at the first Pittsburgh Humanities Festival

Quartz | March 18, 2015
See how your brain morphs when you learn physics

Scientific American | March 17, 2015
A Hug a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Chronicle of Higher Education | March 16, 2015
Ph.D. Candidate Helps Rethink Graduate Education in the Humanities

WESA | March 13, 2015
Private Clubs, a Liquor Code Loophole and Lucky: How Gay Life Came of Age in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 13, 2015
Fear of Friday the 13th could be self-perpetuating

Edventures | March 10, 2015
Adaptive Learning: The Real Revolution in Online Learning

Michigan Radio | March 9, 2015
"Eight Mile High:" Short stories zoom in on scrappy Warren neighborhood in 60's and 70's

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | March 4, 2015
Controversy over Netanyahu warnings to Congress won't affect ties, Pittsburgh Jewish leaders say

Fast Company | March 2, 2015
What It’s Like To Go Without Complaining For a Month

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 1, 2015
Mind over mucus? CMU researcher gives subjects common colds to test psychological factors in immune systems

Business Insider | February 25, 2015
Women face 6 big paradoxes at work — here's how to break free

Washington Post | February 23, 2015
Dr. Google may not be the best way to get information for picking a hospital

Washington Post | February 17, 2015
Best new poetry for February

TIME Magazine | February 11, 2015
The New Math Strikes Back

Yahoo! Finance | February 11, 2015
Your Worst Money Habit Might Not Be That Bad

Popular Science | February 10, 2015
9 Strategies For Battling Stress

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | February 9, 2015
Odysseys: In Pittsburgh, Uruguay native became immersed in teaching

Gizmodo | February 5, 2015
No, Women's Voices Are Not Easier to Understand Than Men's Voices

New America | February 5, 2015
Learning from Pittsburgh’s Energy History from Westinghouse to Marcellus

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | February 3, 2015
Western Pennsylvania literary community weighs in on Lee news

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | February 3, 2015
Statistics is a fast-growing discipline, including at CMU

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | February 1, 2015
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CMU awarded $2M from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

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19 billion reasons that numbers stopped making sense in 2014

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