Carnegie Mellon University

Study Abroad

Beijing. Aix-en-Provence. Jerusalem. Rome. Madrid. Combine your undergraduate Carnegie Mellon degree program with a semester or year abroad, and enjoy the best of both worlds: intercultural exchange and academic credits towards your degree.

Students routinely report that studying abroad was one of the most valuable experiences of their lives. It is a time of growth and change in many areas: academic, professional, personal, and inter-cultural. Students report that studying abroad provided them with increased problem solving skills, better foreign language abilities, new professional contacts, more independence, an enhanced awareness and appreciation of their home culture, and a stronger interest in other cultures.

The university's Study Abroad program works with undergraduate students to select locations, plan coursework, and prepare to live overseas. Talk with your major advisor or the Academic Advisory Center.

Funding support for study abroad is available through several different scholarships.

Dietrich College Study Abroad Overview