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Dietrich College Student-Defined Major Program

The Dietrich College Student-Defined Major program is designed for students whose academic goals cannot be as adequately served by the curricula of existing Dietrich College majors or minors as they can by a student-defined alternative.

Examples of recent student-defined majors include Music and Society; Urban Preservation and Planning; Health Policy; Multilingual Studies; Romance Languages; Ethics, Politics and Economics; Multimedia Communications; and Medical Anthropology.

The procedure for establishing such a major or minor centers on a written proposal that makes the case for the proposed program's coherence, viability, and suitability as a Dietrich College student-defined major or minor. Proposals should be developed in the freshman or sophomore years, and approved majors or minors should begin their program in the sophomore or junior year. If the proposal is for a primary major and is approved, the student enrolls as a student-defined major in Dietrich College and, upon completion of the approved program, receives a degree with the student-defined major indicated.* If the student-defined program is for an additional major, or a minor, the student's primary major and college affiliation is unaffected.

Director: Joseph Devine, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Office: Baker Hall 154

*All Dietrich College students pursuing student-defined primary majors must complete the college’s general education requirements.