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Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy Master’s Programs

If you are considering graduate school, opportunities are available to learn more about the master’s programs offered at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy

Prospective graduate students from a wide spectrum of majors and backgrounds will be interested in learning more about their highly ranked master’s degree programs in Information Systems & Management, Public Policy & Management, and Arts & Entertainment Industry Management

  • Virtual Fall Visitation Events will take place for your convenience on Saturday, Nov. 14 and during the following week, Monday, Nov. 16 through Thursday, Nov. 19. Follow this link to Register. Additional details will be posted on the website and emailed to registrants prior to the event
  • Heinz College will be hosting Online Information Sessions throughout the fall semester.  Learn about our master’s programs without leaving your desk! Each session includes a presentation by the admissions team and features the program director and/or current students. View the schedule of live events or view a recorded session on the website.

Please reach out to Carrie Rote with any questions that you may have regarding Heinz College. I’m very happy to assist!

Campus Vote Project and Power the Polls: Register to Serve as a Poll Worker 

Campus Vote Project and Power the Polls is recruiting poll workers for the upcoming election to accommodate a shortage caused by the coronavirus. Pittsburgh has been identified as a target area needing poll workers for the upcoming election.

Did you know that America is facing a nationwide poll worker shortage? Usually, 56 percent of poll workers are over the age of 60, but this year they aren’t signing up due to COVID-19. Unless younger Americans step up, the resulting shortage of poll workers could mean closed polling places and long delays in communities across the country. This is especially problematic for communities of color and working-class communities. We have already seen the devastating impact of a shortage of poll workers during primary voting. In Georgia, reduced and understaffed polling locations caused thousands of voters to choose between waiting several hours to vote or being disenfranchised. Similarly, Kentucky consolidated in-person voting in each county to a single polling place during the primary. In short, a poll worker shortage leads to fewer polling places (and longer lines to vote) and a lower voting turnout. 

How can you help? Register to serve as a poll worker.

About 250,000 poll workers are still needed with less than 20 days to recruit them. Not only will you help ensure a safe and secure election, but you can get paid in the process. Questions? Email Colin Lowe

Learn more about serving as a poll worker
View your local requirements to work as a poll worker

Pandemic Policython: Call for Proposals 

Register by Wednesday, Oct. 21. The Pandemic Policython, scheduled from Oct. 23-25 for 48 hours, is an opportunity for students to write policy proposals addressing today’s most pressing challenges in areas such as public health, economic equity, criminal justice, and international affairs. This free online event is open to anyone, whether you have an inkling to explore public policy, or you want to further hone your existing policy writing skills. We welcome beginners! 

Speakers and mentors from nonprofits like the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, academic institutions like the Harvard Kennedy School, and international NGOs like the World Health Organization will be participating and sharing their expertise. You can work in teams of 1-4 members and receive feedback every step of the way through workshops, mentor office hours, and judge feedback. The event culminates with submitting the policy memos to policymakers. Winning teams will receive up to $250 in cash and $1,000 in a seed grant fund to continue their work with a partner. Tons of other prizes, from placement in the Harvard Art Museum to automatic entry into partner organization fellowships and chats with leading academics, are available. 

For more information:

  • Visit our website and register by Wednesday. Oct. 21 
  • To help us as a mentor, please fill out the form
  • If you're interested in helping organize, sponsoring, or partnering, email us with questions and inquiries at

We hope to ‘see’ you at this friendly, inspiring competition and present your policy solutions to a global audience! 

About us: Policy for the People is a fiscally sponsored nonprofit organization of students engaging students in policy. We're students from all over the world, from Harvard to the London School of Economics to the U of Toronto. 

Information Systems (IS) Monthly Information Sessions

Beginning in October, the Information Systems (IS) Program will host monthly information sessions where prospective transfer students will have the opportunity to meet with an adviser and current IS students to learn more about the major and answer any questions related to the program and transfer process. These sessions will be open to students in all departments and colleges with an interest in IS.

For this semester, the remaining session will be held Tuesday, Nov. 106 to 7 p.m. Attend the IS information session via Zoom

Small Undergraduate Research Grants

SURG, ISURG and SURG/CW for Spring 2021 Deadline: Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 11:59 p.m.

Small Undergraduate Research Grants are open to ALL undergraduates in any discipline, first-years through seniors. Grants are available of up to $500 for single student entries and up to $1,000 for group entries to cover project expenses including but not limited to supplies and materials, time on laboratory equipment or travel to another city for archival research. Students must conduct their research in person on campus or at an institution in Pittsburgh, or remotely while residing in the United States.

Research support is available through the Undergraduate Research Office for all disciplines: the humanities, social sciences, arts, business, computer science, engineering, and the sciences.

It is strongly recommended that you attend the Virtual SURG Proposal Writing Session on Tuesday, Sept. 29, 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. Proposal quality is the primary factor in selection.

Learn more about Small Undergraduate Research Grants and apply  

Community-Involved Mural Project

Dietrich College Senior Honors student Elise Delgado is creating a CMU Community Mural as part of her honors thesis in psychology and is looking for students, staff and faculty who are underrepresented and marginalized on CMU’s campus to contribute and participate.