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Registration for Meeting of the Minds presentations is now open!  

Registration deadline: Wednesday, May 5

It’s time to register and submit your presentations for Virtual Meeting of the Minds 2021!  Please read all of the information below carefully!

All poster and video presentations will be available to view May 10-11, with the main event on May 12.  Student presenters should be aware that attendees will have the ability to leave comments or questions on your presentations, and the student will receive an email alert.  Students should check these comments throughout the day on May 12 and respond as needed.  Students will not be assigned a specific time for Q&A, but should be responsible for checking their comments.

ONE registration/submission should be entered for EACH presentation.  For group projects, one student will register for the group.

There are three types of presentations available:

  • Poster and Optional Pre-Recorded Oral Presentation
  • Pre-recorded Oral Session (no poster)
  • Exhibit, Performance, Demonstration (two pre-recorded videos, one showing the demonstration/performance, and the other with a presentation)

Note: there has been a change in presentation options due to a change in our virtual platform.

Please contact Jen Weidenhof if you have questions or concerns.

Register for Meeting of the Minds

Municipal Primaries Voting Guide

CMU Votes is a coalition made up of various student organizations on campus with the goal of increasing civic/voter engagement. As the municipal primaries are coming up, they want to help students have the logistical information they need to vote in this election and the candidate knowledge to make an informed decision. For more information please see:

Primary Voting Guidelines

Get to know your candidates!