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SURG/SURF Proposals

Deadline for Fall/Summer 2020 SURG and Summer 2020 Fellowship proposals: Tuesday, April 7 

$3,500 Summer 2020 Fellowships
$500/$1,000 Summer and Fall 2020 SURG & SURG/CW

$3,500 Summer Fellowships
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) are open to ALL undergraduates interested in research in any discipline, whether in the arts, humanities, sciences, social sciences, engineering or business. Awards are $3500 for eight to 10 weeks of full-time summer research on campus with a faculty mentor; students can join an existing project or they can propose one of their own. Summer Research Fellowships are competitive and, as per the website description, include additional materials beyond the requisite proposal. Students may work alone or in a group, but must apply for the fellowship as an individual — no group awards are available. There are two types of proposals: Type I for students in the creative arts and humanities who will submit a research-based “making” project; and Type II for all other students submitting proposals. 

Summer & Fall SURG
Small Undergraduate Research Grants (SURG) are open to ALL undergraduates in any discipline, first-years through seniors.  Grants are available of up to $500 for single entries and up to $1,000 for group entries to cover such things as the costs of supplies and materials, time on laboratory equipment, or travel to another city for data.  

We recommend that students review a draft of their proposal with a representative from our office at least a week before the deadline.  To make an appointment, go to (Choose “Appointments with Consultants Not in Your Major”, then “Undergraduate Research and Fellowship/Scholarship Appointments”)


Dietrich College Internship Opportunity Grants

Applications accepted on a rolling basis from July 1 through June 30.

The Dietrich College Summer Internship Opportunity Grants Program makes it more possible for students to take advantage of less remunerative but worthwhile summer internship opportunities. The goal of the program is to minimize or eliminate any out-of-pocket costs to students who receive and accept an offer from such an internship sponsor, and particularly for students who would not be able to participate in a low- or unpaid summer internship without this support. Grants of up to $2,000 per internship are available.

Open to currently enrolled undergraduate Dietrich College students, BHA students and SHS students with a Dietrich College primary major.

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