Carnegie Mellon University

Appreciation, Interaction, Motivation

AIM stands for Appreciation—Interaction—Motivation. It began in 2003. There is currently a committee of eight members who meet a few times a year and plan out events for their fellow staff members in the College.


The purpose of AIM is to promote camaraderie and cooperation among staff members in all the departments within the College. AIM sponsors events to bring staff members together to get to know each other, to share ideas, topics of concern, news about the college in particular and the university in general, etc. This is accomplished by holding events, such as

  • Annual DC staff picnic in August
  • Holiday lunch in December
  • Sweets Day in February
  • Soup, Salad and Bingo
  • Black and Gold events
Funding for AIM is provided by all of the academic departments in DC as well as the DC Dean’s office.


The current committee members are:
  • Eyona Bivins, English Department
  • Rosemarie Commisso, Philosophy Department
  • Sue Connelly, Modern Languages Department
  • Mary Anne Hunter, Social and Decision Sciences Department
  • Kathy Majors, Psychology Department
  • Mari Alice McShane, Statistics Department
  • Ginger Placone, Psychology Department
  • Terra Treasure, Psychology Department

The Committee is always looking for new members to serve. The only criterion is that you are a current Dietrich College staff member (and you like to have fun and share ideas). To join, please contact Ginger Placone.