Carnegie Mellon University

Now in its fifth year, Speak Up! has become a marquee program for the Undergraduate Research Office.

July 23, 2019

Students Find Voices Through Communication Workshops

Carnegie Mellon University undergraduate students have been working on summer research projects and  learning how to explain their work to others.

Students who received a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship honed their communications and presentation skills through the Undergraduate Research Office’s Speak Up! workshop series.

More than 100 students participated in the program that culminated in a competition in which each student was limited to three minutes and three slides to explain a snapshot of their research. Finalists presented their work on July 17.

Jamie Slomka, a rising senior in policy and management and decision science, shared her work on the psychology of internet searches and was awarded first place.

“I came in thinking [the series] was primarily for students with little experience giving presentations, but I did learn a lot, especially from the session on presentation and delivery,” Slomka said. “I’m much more aware of the way my voice sounds and resonates when presenting.”

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