Carnegie Mellon University

Rebecca Enright

Adviser: Gerald Costanzo
Major: Creative Writing
Minors: Animation and Special Effects; Film and Media Studies

Hell’s Mark

With YA novels increasingly becoming a staple within our culture, Rebecca Enright’s project focuses on the development of one such work that expands the genre further. Often these novels will have a predictable plot: A young girl and boy meet and have to destroy their corrupt government as they fall in love with each other. Enright’s novel will instead highlight sibling relationships and push the readers into the morally grey when it comes to character actions.


Enright has been writing stories ever since she could use a pencil. Now a creative writing major, she has taken a number of workshops in order to build her skills in the craft. Beyond the classroom, Enright has enjoyed bonding with fellow writers through her involvement with Sigma Tau Delta as an executive board member, as well as through her time in Her Campus as a chapter correspondent. She enjoys exploring the ways in which writing can create deep emotional connections even when lived experiences differ.