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66-125 Grand Challenge First-Year Seminar: Democracy & Data

From gerrymandering to online political ads, data is being used in ways that raise urgent questions about the integrity of democratic elections. But the relationship between democracy and data goes far beyond elections. In a world of constant surveillance, in which vast…
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66-126 Grand Challenge First-Year Seminar: Voting: An American Tradition

This course investigates the sacred American practice of voting, the cornerstone of American democracy, using the 2020 election cycle as our laboratory. The course uses a multi-disciplinary approach, examining the topic from several different perspectives.  We'll…
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66-128 Grand Challenge First-Year Seminar: Palestinian and Israeli Food Cultures

In a region beset by conflict, how do food cultures allow us to approach cultural intersections and connections? This course is designed to provide students with a historical, cultural, and linguistic understanding of the hybrid nature of Jewish and Arab cultures, and the…
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66-131 Grand Challenge First-Year Seminar: Culture, Sports, and Conflict and VR

Sports have been celebrated for bringing people together; yet, sports have also been a locus of tensions and conflict that most of us only experience from the sidelines. We understand sports, the people, and their cultural impact through the stories that we tell about them…
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66-133 Grand Challenge First-Year Seminar: We’re Not Beyond Race: Race and Identity in America

Race matters. How have social institutions and historical factors led to the belief systems and stereotypes that shape how race is experienced in American society, and how do these belief systems affect the way individuals come to view and define themselves and others?…
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66-134 Grand Challenge First-Year Seminar: Native Americas: Facts and Fictions

How did Indigenous people respond to the challenges of populating the American hemisphere and creating complex, diverse and dynamic cultures, languages and political entities? How did they survive, adapt to, and resist the conquest and colonization of their lands, and…
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