Carnegie Mellon University
July 21, 2021

Podcasts Across CMU

By Michael Henninger

The latest offering from the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries won't be found in a book.

"Cut Pathways," a podcast drawing from over 50 hours of oral history interviews with 34 subjects, released its premiere episode on various streaming platforms June 29. Across the university, a number of schools, departments, institutes, programs, researchers, professors and students are making podcasts about their areas of expertise.

Kathy M. Newman, an associate professor of English, decided to try an alternative approach to the traditional term paper in her class "Topics in Literature: Watching HBO's Watchmen" in the spring semester of 2021. For their final project, Newman's students produced an eleven episode podcast series, "Tartans Watch the Watchmen."

"The quality of student work is tied to engagement — when students are engaged it doesn't feel like work. With this podcast, engagement was so high. Every student was invested in the process and excited to share what we created," Newman said.

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