Carnegie Mellon University
September 17, 2020

Connecting and Thriving

By Amanda S.F. Hartle

Across the globe, there are thousands of Carnegie Mellon University alumni who are putting their great ideas to work by forming startups and other world-changing businesses — and Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences alumni Kishan Patel and Will Sanders want to see them grow and succeed.

Last year, the pair launched the first CMU Tech & Entrepreneurship chapter, and in 2020, they’ve added 10 chapters led by Tartan volunteers.

Through the regionally-based chapters, Kishan and Will aim to empower entrepreneurs, industry experts, technologists and startup visionaries from all backgrounds and experiences to connect and grow through meetups, mentorship programs, speaker series, virtual events and Slack communities. 

We sat down with Kishan, a Class of 2018 graduate, and Will, a Class of 2015 graduate, to ask them about the origins of CMU T&E, its benefits for Tartan alumni and students and where they see the organization heading in the future.

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