Carnegie Mellon University
December 07, 2020

Full STEM Ahead

Entrepreneur, educator and author Chloe Taylor uses interactive experiments and meaningful experiences to help children engage their love of STEM learning 

By Amanda S.F. Hartle

As an elementary school teacher in New York City, Chloe Taylor came to realize that her students couldn’t imagine a world where you couldn’t ask Google a question, stay in constant contact with family and friends via social media, or have a digital map in your pocket at all times.

Realizing that technology skills were important to encourage in students from a young age, she embraced her entrepreneurial streak and expanded her teaching reach beyond her classroom walls.

As founder of Chloe Taylor Technology, the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences alumnus (who also has a certification from CMU’s National Robotics Engineering Center) provides educational services focused on 21st century learning for schools, organizations and brands that result in measurable and meaningful STEM learning experiences.

Her new book “The Big Book of Invisible Technology” uses an interactive approach and step-by-step experiments to break down how things work from the invisible internet to driverless cars and drones in kid-friendly ways.

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