Carnegie Mellon University

Rosana Guernica and volunteers

November 22, 2017

Dietrich Student's Flights Have Evacuated More Than 200 Following Hurricane Maria

Over the past two months, hurricane relief efforts led by Dietrich College student Rosana Guernica have changed the lives of 211 evacuees from Puerto Rico. Through crowdfunding efforts, Guernica, a Puerto Rican native and third-year student majoring in decision science and minoring in innovation and entrepreneurship, and other volunteers have raised more than $174,000 for her missions and roughly 46,000 pounds of supplies.

Update as of Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017:

Guernica made her fifth relief flight to Puerto Rico on Sunday, Dec. 10. Volunteers from CMU partnered with the Los Angeles-based Warrior Angels Rescue and Chicago area-based Hope Heroes NFP for the humanitarian mission, which delivered 30,000 pounds of supplies and evacuated 85 people.

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