Carnegie Mellon University
March 20, 2015

22 Inducted Into Phi Sigma Iota

22 Inducted Into Phi Sigma Iota 22 Inducted Into Phi Sigma Iota Twenty-two Carnegie Mellon University undergraduate students were recently inducted into Phi Sigma Iota, the international foreign language honor society. The inductees all have either a major or minor in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences’ Department of Modern Languages and were nominated because of outstanding academic achievement.

The inductees are now part of Phi Sigma Iota’s Epsilon Epsilon chapter, which is joint with Duquesne University.

The 2015 CMU Phi Sigma Iota inductees:

Siriana Abboud, French & Francophone Studies additional major
Kate Beittenmiller, Chinese Studies additional major
Nikita Bokil, Hispanic Studies minor
Hee Young Byun, French & Francophone Studies minor
Zade Delgros, Chinese/French & Francophone Studies minor
Kristin Dlesk, French & Francophone Studies additional major
Emily Etzel, French & Francophone Studies minor
Sarah Gutekunst, French & Francophone Studies minor
Lucy Havens, French & Francophone Studies minor
Andrew Heath, French & Francophone Studies additional major
Noah Hermalin, Hispanic Studies Additional major
Erin Kiekhaefer, Hispanic Studies Additional major
Wendy Liu, Chinese Studies minor
Kaytie Nielsen, French & Francophone Studies minor
Nicole Sansone, French & Francophone Studies Minor
Elizabeth Snyder, French & Francophone Studies minor
Kristine Swarts, Arabic Studies
Elias Szabo-Wexler, German Studies minor
Abigail Volynsky, Russian Studies additional major
Samantha Wilson, German Studies minor
Anthony Yeung, German Studies minor
Catherine Zheng, Chinese Studies additional major

Pictured above: Erin Keikhaefer, Hispanic Studies; Kristin Dlesk, French & Francophone Studies; Emily Etzel, French & Francophone Studies, three new members of the Epsilon Epsilon chapter of the Phi Sigma Iota at Carnegie Mellon.
By: Shilo Rea