Carnegie Mellon University

Come experience both the intellectual and personal enrichment that comes with learning new languages—Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish—and encountering the diverse cultures they represent!

Our course offerings are rich and varied, and there are opportunities to study abroad, participate in service-learning in local and international communities, and to get involved in numerous co-curricular activities. Our department features some of the most skilled teaching faculty on campus. Much of our research is aimed at the acquisition of additional languages and enhanced learning through technology and through literary and cultural studies. The Department of Modern Languages offers students of every discipline a wide range of opportunities to engage with world languages and cultures. Join us!

We extend a warm welcome to new members of our community.

Beginning their studies in the Ph.D. Program in Second Language Acquisition are Ding Wang Bramlett and Christine Shi.

Beginning their studies in the M.A. Program in Second Language Acquisition are Linglong Chen, Bing Han, Yuto Iwaizumi, and Jeffrie Miracle.

Xiaofei Tang transitions to a new role as Adjunct Faculty.

Ebenezer Concepción joins us as a new Presidential Post-Doc.

We welcome José Estrada as Assistant Teaching Professor of Hispanic Studies and Katharine Burns in her new role as Assistant Professor of Second Language Acquisition and Hispanic Studies.